Andrew Jones
Current Age 29
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
First Appearance Ultimate World Grand Prix
Latest Appearance Ultimate World Grand Prix

Andrew Jones is a Male adult who lives in the country of Canada and has a career as a Dentist. Andrew's job as a dentist has made him rich and made him become one of the best dentists in his town. Andrew loved racing as a child and when he heard about the Ultimate World Grand Prix, Andrew decided to join the competition and show his skills on the tracks.


Andrew Jones works regularly as a Dentist in a not so large city. Andrew lives in a large home due to how much he earns as a Dentist and never really found love, but he hopes soon he will find the perfect one. Andrew always loved racing as a child, so when he heard about the Ultimate Grand Prix he knew it was his chance to actually be in a race across the world.


Ultimate World Grand Prix

Andrew appears as a default character and has great acceleration and speed. The only bad thing is that Andrew isn't always the best person to choose as a drifter.

General Information

Personality and Traits

Andrew is an energetic person and it motivational as each day he's always prepared for another day to come. Andrew feels happy about the way his life is, but at times he can feel a little lonely due to not him having someone to be on his side. Andrew also likes to participate and so when he found out about the Ultimate World Grand Prix, he decides to join and live the dream he had since he was a young lad.

Physical Appearance

Andrew has light brown-ish skin and has an average height of 5 ft and 7 inches. Andrew usually wears a white coat, white pants, black shoes, and white gloves. His hair color is also black.