Andrea the cute robot.

Andrea or (Anderobot Neutralized Delivered Radical Even Awesomer) is an Anderobot that was retooled by E. Gadd to become good and then upgraded by Cranky Kong. She first appeared in Diaper Duty 5: Koopa Kid Gets Mad and is taken from an old Anderobot and made good. She looks like Baby Peach with a light shad of gray and pink light eyes.

She has the ability to fly the babies into high spaces and is seemingly more playable than her brother Andrew. However she is not playable. She was also playable in the original BETA for the game where she had the ability to smash down walls, a function which was already used by Baby Wario's Shoulder Barge.

At the end of the game she is also shut down with the rest of the Anderobots and was presumed dead until she was revived in Diaper Duty 10: Koopa Kid's Revenge where she was seen as Mario's slave.


Baby Mario

Andrea initially has a good relationship with the young baby and the rest of the star children and she carried him around to high spaces and did all sorts of helpful things for him however as of Diaper Duty 10: Koopa Kid's Revenge Baby Mario made her his slave and as such began to dislike him.

E. Gadd

Andrea was programmed to be good by Professor E. Gadd and as such likes him very much, thanks to Cranky Kong's emotion chip she refers to E. Gadd as her dad. His voice is one of the two things that can override her programming.

Cranky Kong

Andrea was given to Cranky to be delivered to the star children however Cranky retooled her giving her the ability to fly and giving her an emotion chip. She refers to Cranky Kong as her grampa which annoys him. However she is very fond of the elderly ape.


Andrew, the other Anderobot that was made good by E. Gadd is Andrea's brother. He had no emotion chip until Diaper Duty 10 and thus did not reciprocate her sibling bond however she protects her brother when possible and teases him (getting in turn only a cold mechanical beeping).

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