Ancient Tomes
A Chocopedia, one of the Tomes available
Item Type Book
Kind of Item Helpful item
First Appearance Lapis Legends
Latest Appearance Lapis Legends

Ancient Tomes are Items that appear in the lapis legends series.

List Of Ancient Tomes

Picture Name Effect Type Location
Book of Shadows Book of Shadows Gives more HP To Dark Types 856F2933-7DD7-465C-9B10-4A4E0730943D TBA

BE625C3A-EA5C-4591-8D85-62375E196D38 Chocopedia Lets you befriend Chocobos 7D4A5BDF-299C-43E5-9EEB-80A83822D5AB TBA
Untenapedia Untenapedia Lets you change Unten’s costumes 856F2933-7DD7-465C-9B10-4A4E0730943D Given to Unten By Xavier Bluzen

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