Ana (iPenguin)
Full Name Ana
Current Age 15
Location Pengville
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Hairdryer
First Appearance iPenguin 3DS (2011)
Latest Appearance iPenguin Adventure (2012)

You may be looking for Ana (Mother).

Ana is a major protagonist in the iPenguin series. She first appears in iPenguin 3DS as a guide for Speedy and Climber, and takes them to the Whistling Woods.


Ana is a bit of a dimwitted blonde, she can be at times unaware of her surroundings and led to outbursts in her own mind, wondering what just happened. She can be very argumentative over being right and getting her way. She cares a lot on how she looks and at times can be quite vain. She often is forgetful and makes mistakes.


Ana is a purple penguin who wears a red and yellow polka dot bowtie. She has a long, blonde ponytail and wears eye shadow. She is sometimes shown wearing sunflower flip flops.