it's literally just an onion
Creator(s) Luke D.
First Air Date(s)
Late 2017
Country of Origin USA
Status Upcoming
An Onion is some animated series made by some loser. He plans to make this an actual YouTube series.


The show is based on the many stories of an onion named.....Onion. He and his friends are a twitch abnormal, so yeah, crazy stuff happens.


There are episodes to be planned, but so far none are official.


Picture Name Description Gender First Episode
Onion Easygoing and naive Onion is a real nice guy, and makes money off of his cofee mugs. He is a bit straightfoward and oblivious. He has the magical power to create onion seeds out of thin air. Male Could it be? Onion's on the Stage!
Spoc Spoc is a friend of Onion. He is a bit (too) hyper and never gets sleep. Not like he needs it. When he screams, he accidenially shocks people. Male Could it be? Onion's on the Stage!
Illiel A smart, young lady, Illiel is a somewhat sarcastic red thing with little care for others. Female Could it be? Onion's on the Stage!
Aglaea Aglaea is a shy, plump girl with super little self-confidence. The only thing that keeps her being happy is Onion, who she swoons over. Female Could it be? Onion's on the Stage!
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