"An Imperfect RPG Game", or "AIRPGG' is a Role-Playing video game made for the PC. This game is inspired by FantendoQuest, and takes pointers from many other RPGs such as Pokémon (series). The game is constantly updating with many different characters, events, and other areas open to explore. The game is planned to fit into the Fantendoverse in one way or another.

The game is planned to have 9 party members in the first version, with many more being added over time. The game is set to be released in early 2019.



The fight sequences in this game are what you'd expect from an RPG game. The party members you currently have can attack the enemy with a large variety of skills exclusive to the characters. You, however, can only have 4 Party Members out in a battle at a time. The other members you have will be in the back, cheering the fight on and will give boosts to the players based on their skills. If all 4 Party Members die, you lose and go back to the last checkpoint you were at.

A new feature similar to Mega Evolutions from the Pokemon series is the Big Burst mode- each character has their own Big Burst form which will change their design, attacks, and stats and make them all much more powerful. You must fill a bar to activate this, and you can do this by obviously attacking enemies enough. Only one character per battle can use this, and the Burst will only last a few turns. You may also dodge attacks that ARE dodgeable, like ranged arrow attacks- however there's only a 25% chance of it missing.


  • Mouse- Select moves and activate attacks by pressing their buttons on the screen.
  • Space (hold)- Attempt to run.
  • B- Attempt to dodge dodgeable attacks.


The overworld is the area where you walk around. Duh. You, of course, explore many areas around the world, and battle random encounter enemies as you're walking. By pressing E, you can scavenge around for items. Passing some areas will require certain Party Members, like passing a wall of trees will require a character with a sharp tool like an axe.

You can find quest areas and such here too, as well as boss battles and other cool things. The many areas here also contain bonuses for your characters, which you can find in chests and by beating the bosses of the area.


  • W,A,S,D- Move
  • E- Scavenge for Items
  • I- Inventory


Who: "Hey. What do you want."

Who: "You know. I want to create a world."

Who: "What world will it be? I can do it as long as it-"


Who: "....Why?"

Who: "BECAUSE WHY NOT!??!?!?!?!"

Who: "Alright Greedevil, you asked for it."

Party Members


These characters use physical weapons to their advantage. While these weapons might take on magical traits, they still do not classify as magical characters.

Character Description
Vertebow Main article

Vertebow is an obnoxious skeleton who can work a bow pretty well. While he's a big, petty dick, he is easily broken down and actually cares. Quite generic, if you ask me. His signature weapon is the Bow and Arrow, and along the journey he finds better ones that have magical traits. His favorite is the "Bowne", which summons bones from the ground where it lands.

Rangetang Main article

Rangetang is a Boomerang-Banana wielding, anthropomorphic monkey. He's very quick to decisions and has a very short fuse. When he has his temper tantrums, he sometimes manages to attack his own friends- which should be impossible, since this game has friendly fire be impossible! His signature weapon is the Boomerang, but all of them are designed to look like a Banana.


Summoners specialize in summoning minions to do their bidding. It is known as a sub-category of magic, however since the summoners aren't casting spells exactly, they're technically not.

Character Description
Project Unity Robot Reinforcement (P.U.R.R for short) Main article

P.U.R.R is a cat in a giant mecha. Yeah. The cat inside it is named Violet, and she is very affectionate, but likes to tease. She acts like a cat, even in her mechsuit. Her robot armor will take chips you can find on the way. Why's she in the summoner class? In her robo-arms is a little kitty paradise- and when she battles, the cats in there get angry. She can release them (and magical, modified ones depending on the chip) when she needs to, and they can't die, but instead go back inside after a small while.

Orange, the Pouch Creature Coach Main article

A very obvious ripoff of a Pokémon trainer. Orange, while only an 11 year old Peman (a species almost identical to a person, but the difference is about to be said but a battle starts before he can finish it) is very intelligent, and has 6 Pouch Creatures, or Pouchecre, to summon and take his place in battle. He starts out with one (Coalizard, Waturtle, or Flowersaur), but can find more along the way. He, however, has a bad attitude towards people who do not express his intelligence.


These characters use spells to their advantage. Sometimes the spells involve the other categories, but mostly they're unique.

Character Description
Headless Donkeyman Main article

This guy is the rejected version of the original tale of the Headless Horseman. After the people saw the Headless Horseman, the Headless Donkeyman was sent into limbo. He uses Halloween-inspired spells, like Pumpkin Bombs and Bat Swarms. He is depressed the whole adventure, but in late game he starts to cheer up again, and finally realizes he shouldn't sulk on it.

After killing the headless horseman.


These characters are beastly- their abilities are dependent on their physical body and abilities on their own

Character Description
Shapeworm Main article

He, surprisingly enough, isn't an antagonist, rather is a party member. Due to him being a, well, a worm based off of the Eater of Worlds from Terraria when it comes to looks, comes out of the ground in a small stickfigure shape, with the rest of him being underground. In battles, its shape can unravel and whip at opponents. It is also one of the best at dodging, and can sneak attack. He's mute but sensitive.


The game takes place in the land of Worldplay, where there are Polar Caves and Desert Plains next to eachother, and Cacti that grows limbs to battle. This place, hence the name, was created to purely fit the needs of one of the "gods" Greedevil, who's greedy and evil and loves to be mean and abusive and also has a weird obsession with puns. However, in doing so, the counteractions of Blight accidentaly made this world less evil than Greedevil meant.

The world is exceptionally diverse, and has a world that expans as time goes on- and the surrounding planets can be visited too.


Huberality is the, well, hub of the game. As the town you start out in, Huberality is the portal between realities. Well, what seems to be different realities, this planet's a bit strange, so to speak. In this place are the Huberality Outlands, and portals to all the areas in the game.

Huberality Outlands

Outside of Huberality are the outlands, a dusty, mean wastleland full of tumbleweeds and sand. You might want to watch out, because outside of the blaring lights and portals of Huberality are mean, exhausting areas, long deserted stretches, and sandstorms. How rude!


Grovenyard Tomblataeu

Grovenyard Dungeon


Antartrick Plains

Antartrick Caves

Antartrick Igglungeon


Carry-beanland Stalkwoods

Carry-beanland Factorbean

Carry-beanland Ocean


Enemy Description Area
Angrivy Weird poisonous plant things that show up in Jungles. They try to be scary, but it's hard with their googly eyes and their weird stalk that moves side to side. Their poisonous leaves can sometimes be poisonous to the touch, which will deplete your character's health pretty quickly if you're not careful Jungland (general)
The Walking Bread Oh SHIT! That bread's the undead! Oh SHIT! It's stale! Oh SHIT! .....It's whole grain! UGH! Nothing's good about these fools. They can also Zombify your party members, which will cause them to turn on you for the rest of you. Oh SHIT! We're toast! Grovenyard (general)
Ghoaster Oh FUCK! This is where those Zombie Bread things come from! Oh SHIT, this thing can SUMMON Walking Breads! Don't fuck with this toaster, especially not with its weird.... zombie mouth thing where the plug should be. That plug not only can bite you, but can also shock you too! Grovenyard Dungeon
Polar Dancer This weird snow woman likes to dance a lot. However, when she spots you, you do NOT want to be part of her wrath. Y'see, her blizzards can kill people, AND she can create little snowminions to keep you on your toes. Stay alert and don't watch the final dance move. Antartrick (general)
Krakenstein Sometimes Krakeneers get too selfish and greedy and want to play god. This monsterish squid person's stiched-together body can surely pack a punch. The corks on its... "neck" can actually be taken off mid-battle, and will release a spirit with 3x the power as the normal Krakenstein if it gets angry. Carry-beanland Ocean
Grasshole Oh, what'dya know. Our first ass joke of the day. How surprising. Grassholes are vile, disgusting creatures from Jungland, where they puff poisonous clouds from their mouths- the poisonous clouds actually being the same thing which makes poison ivy "poisonous" in this world. Did I mention that poison ivy is a plant that shoots poison spray in this universe? Maybe I shouldn't. Jungland (general)


Boss Description Area
Coldemort Coldemort is a very evil ice wizard. As a Magic-based boss, you can only imagine he summons a bunch of icey spells. He also can Cyrogenically Freeze you if you fall for a trap of any kind. Coldemort is literally cold hearted and cruel. It is said that one day he went to the school of Pigfrog and killed someone! Anyways, Coldemort has some weird snowflake attacks- such as giant ones that fall from the sky. There's also Icicles he can shoot at you from the tip of his wand, and he can also heal himself if hit with a cold attack! He's NOT a force to be reckoned with. Frosty Castle



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