Amy vs The Future 2 is an RPG game, and a followup to Amy vs The Future. It was revealed on 12/21/15 and will release on The V² and the Pacifico at an unspecified date.


Like the first game, Amy vs The Future 2 is an RPG where you lead a squad of vigilantes to fight an evil company from the future that goes by the name of D'Angelo & Sons, lead by a greedy businessman who wants to capture the titular character, Amy Jackson, and turn her into a robot. A new feature that makes its debut in this game is character bio cards. These tell the player about characters in the RTAverse.

Most characters from the previous Amy vs The Future game are recruitable, but Blaze Zednik, Skye Caballero, Roger Avanti, Serena Jones and Jess Pierce are absent, due to their roles in season three of Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side. There are new additions in these characters' places, like Alex Schmidt and Aminu.


Amy vs The Future 2's timeline goes from Working Hard, the penultimate episode of season two of Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side, to the end of season three of The Other Side. It follows the team as they fight D'Angelo for the future's safety once again.

Chapter 1

The screen starts black, as it brightens to show Amy and Krystal, Krystal loading her gun and Amy inspecting her sword.

Krystal: What's happening, exactly?
Amy: We're gonna go on the offensive. Gonna go fight D'Angelo.
Krystal: ...Oh. What do you mean by that...?
Amy: He made the first move last time, we're making the first move this time.
Krystal: Hmm.

Amy walks through to another room to see most of the Other Side team, save for Anna, Flynn Blaze, Jess and Skye.

Amy: Alright guys, listen up!

Everyone turns to see Amy.

Amy: We're going to strike D'Angelo & Sons. We need to stay strong and fight as hard as we can.
Adele: How are we going to strike?
Amy: We need to make a time portal to lure D'Angelo into this time, or we can go there ourselves.
Jerry: Wait. We might be going into the future?

Amy nods.

Amy: The chances are D'Angelo will be prepared, seeing as he's usually knowledgeable about what I do.
Tayshaun: How'll we make a time portal through? Hitomi can only create portals to other places, she can't go to other time periods.
Amy: I know someone with chronokinesis, we can get there.

The team contemplates this as they continue discussing what'll happen.




For bio cards, go here.

Character Description
Amy Jackson
A heroic cyborg from the distant future, Amy finds herself stuck with the task of saving the world. Tormented by knowing what the future holds, Amy fights to make sure history doesn't repeat itself, but keeps having visions of Mars and what hell it is for its residents in the wake of the war with the Bushi. She's seen D'Angelo's dark side and wants to bring an end to him so the people of the future can live happily.
Krystal Pérez
A young woman who's had her whole life flipped upside down by the events of the RTAverse, Krystal is a cocky goddess of lightning with a gun, telekinesis and so on. She hails from Cabo San Lucas, a city right on the edge of Baja California, and her real name is Sofia Rodriguez. She ended up in Anaheim after her father was murdered. She ended up with electrokinesis following a coma and lived life normally until the events of the RTAverse kicked in.
Tayshaun Fitzgerald
A guy who's so different from the two above it's surprising, to say the least, Tayshaun is just your regular everyday guy from Tempe, Arizona. He's no different from you and me, but he's really athletic. His wedding was postponed so he could assist in taking D'Angelo down. Tayshaun was raised in Phoenix and was raised well. He met his fiance, Etinésa, in L.A., who ended up flipping Tayshaun's otherwise regular life into an insane, universe-protecting life.
Hitomi Yamamoto
An adorable young woman from San Francisco, Hitomi may look innocent from face value, but she is pretty much everything but innocent. She has the power to open portals, which is the main reason the RTAverse is connected to the Fantendoverse, and generally causes mischief around both her allies and her enemies. Hitomi has also used her powers for personal things, like groceries and some other things that shall not be mentioned.
Mr. D'Angelo
The antagonist of the game, Mr. D'Angelo is a greedy, self-centered, egotistical businessman, who tends to do everything he does without second thought. He is the CEO of a company known as D'Angelo & Sons, and comes from the future to try and capture Amy and take her back to the future with him. D'Angelo's rash actions resulted in a war with the Bushi, which resulted in many deaths and D'Angelo's arrest. D'Angelo was given a second chance, which lead to the events of the first game taking place.


The soundtrack of Amy vs The Future is rather dramatic, being orchestrated and heavy. The boss music is very varied, ranging from breakbeat music to power metal.





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