This is a list of intro monologues from Amy vs The Future.

I'm Amy Jackson. I'm a cyborg chick from Mars who only exists on Earth because of an experiment. I'm not exactly from the current day. I'm from the future, where the planet was destroyed from war and destruction, and it's my job to stop that happening...

I go by the name of Krystal Pérez. I'm a telekinetic girl with the power of electricity. I'm apparently attractive and at the minute, that's all I have going for me. My father's ghost haunts me and I've come close to death once before.

Hey, I'm Tayshaun Fitzgerald. I don't look like that much like a hero, but I am. My life is mostly me getting into situations at a bad time, and trying to save multiple planets.

Wait, what's going on? Why am i being given a gun all of a sudden? What is this?! What do you mean monologue?

...What's a monologue?

I'm Petra Zednik, although I really prefer Blaze as a name. I'm a Czech-American spy who's here because my family moved here about 13 years ago.

Oh, you're fucking kidding me! Why does this crap happen all the time?! It's not even fucking funny anymore! Ugh, anyway, I'm Jess Pierce.

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