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Amy Rose
Amy Rose.png
Amy Rose, striking a pose.
Rosy the Rascal,
AGE 12
HEIGHT 90 cm (2' 11")
BIRTHPLACE Little Planet
WEAPONS Piko Piko Hammer,
Sonic CD (1993)

Amy Rose is an anthropomorphic female alien hedgehog from the Little Planet in the Sonic series. She has pink hair, a red headband, green eyes, and a red dress. She is obviously Sonic-crazed and is rumored to be his girlfriend, though this is vehemently denied by Sonic. Before being called "Amy Rose," she used to be called "Rosy the Rascal", though this name is now used to describe Anti-Amy Rose of ArchieSonic and as a term for Amy has been discontinued.




Sonic Heroes 2

Amy appears in Sonic Heroes 2 as a member of Team Rose.

Sonic Speedball RPG IV: Speedster Mania

Amy's artwork in Sonic Speedball RPG IV: Speedster Mania.

Amy makes a small cameo in the Story Mode of Sonic Speedball RPG IV: Speedster Mania when Sonic tries to warn everyone about the Apocalypse. Amy surprisingly refuses to believe Sonic. She plays a larger role in Mission 7 in Mission Mode, where the player can pick any Sonic character to race her to the goal.

Pikachu's Final Destiny

Amy can be seen playing hide and seek with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. At one cutscene when Mewtwo spreads out soul stars which can make people in command of him. One Soul Star hits Amy, turning her evil, this also happens to Waluigi, Donkey Kong, Bowser Jr and Samus.

Pikachu's Final Destiny 2

Amy will appear in Pikachu's Final Destiny 2, as a mini-boss in Eevee's story, hypothized by Jigglypuff's eyes.

Mario & Sonic: Brainwashed

Amy has been brainwashed again by Dr. Eggman, but this time is with Sonic and his friends. She will be the second boss of the game, acting like Rouge the Bat. After defeated, she is playable in every Hammer Hitting Game. She is the only playable character to have alternate costumes.

RenarioExtreme series

Amy appears in Renan!, where she is working as a waitress in a restaurant. Like Peach, she is sometimes kidnapped by Dr. Eggman.

Sengoku Basara Legends: Kojuro Katakura

Amy appears as a protagonist in the game. She first meets Kojuro as he mistakes her for Hisahide Matsunaga.


Amy Rose appears playable in Super Smash Bros. Channel.

  • Neutral Smash: Heart Hammer.
  • Side Smash: Hammer Spin.
  • Up Smash: Piko Copter.
  • Down Smash: Love Hug.
  • Final Smash: Piko Piko Mayhem.

Mario & Sonic at the Previous Olympic Games

Amy appears as a playable character at every Olympics from Atlanta 1996 onwards. She is an All-Around type character from Athens 2004 (which introduces ability types) onwards.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Tapped Out

Amy appears as an unlockable character after building the Chained Little Planet Model.

Star Team Heroes

She's one of the Survivors of Kirthar's Snap Finger


  • Don't look at me! I'm not such a Yandere!
  • I swear I will do anything to make Sonic my boyfriend!
  • I promise I will kill any girl who is in love with Sonic! Sonic is mine and I won't let any girl try to date him!
  • Eggman! You can trap me here, but I swear my beloved Sonic will save me!
  • I don't have a knife to kill a girl who is in love with Sonic, but I can use my hammer to kill any girl who is in love with Sonic!
  • Sonic! I swear I will do anything to make you my boyfriend!


Modern Amy

Classic Amy

Boom Amy

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