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Amy Jackson's Pro Skater
Developer(s) RTA Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo/Sony
Platform(s) The V², Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Sports
Successor Krystal Pérez's BMX
Release Date(s) TBA

Amy Jackson's Pro Skater is a skateboarding video game created by RTA Games. It will release for the , the Playstation 4 and the NX on an unspecified date.


The game plays like the Tony Hawk games, more specifically the Underground games. You pick a skater and ride around the levels, performing tricks and completing goals.


Character & Series Board Info Special Move
Amy Jackson Exo
Amy Jackson
SSB TayshaunandAmy
Hoverboard Didn't know Amy rode a skateboard, did you? Yeah, she does. She actually really skilled on a board. Anyway, Amy is a great all around skater with plenty of moves to show off 1260 Spin
SSB Prodigy
Beorn Board Fantendo's mascot has decided to join in and ride! Unten is capable of big air but can't do flatland moves all that well. Beorn To Be Wild
Krystal Pérez
SSB Krystal
Neural Deckwork Krystal is working up the need to skate! Her aerial skills are amazing but she needs some training in keeping balance on ramp lips. Double Backflip to Stalefish
Tayshaun Fitzgerald
SSB TayshaunandAmy
Generic Skateboard The hero of Arizona is ready to shred it up! He can do exceptional flatland tricks and can flip the board well. TBA
Dawn Shadows Skater
Dawn Shadows
Dark Deck Dawn has come to ride! She is a quick skater who isn't that good at air tricks, and has average stats elsewhere. TBA
Demon Rider Hein has managed to get out of the woods (again)! He's got good ability when it comes to flip tricks and lip tricks but falls flat in terms of rails. TBA
Tommy Djekovic
Tommy Djekovic
Beat-Up Board A sixth of the Journey team, a bunch of characters who lied in the RTAverse but went to the Fantendoverse, Tommy (sort of) leads the said team. He is an all-rounder. TBA
Danielle Parker
Telekinetic Board A young woman who decided to turn away from the politics career and went to be a hero instead, Danielle is another member of the Journey team. She has great skill in the tricks department. TBA
Flesh Slab A demon who entered a PvP show for glory, Kra;Gul decided to make himself a board out of a defeated opponent's corpse. He specialises in flatland tricks. TBA
Wood Shredder A living scarecrow, Syi managed to get herself a board! She can jump up high and does backside spins flawlessly. Vine Twister
Leah Needlenam
SSB LeahNeedlenam
Medical Board Once again, Leah has gone away from what she usually does with all the needles and stuff and has decided to ride! Well, she's away from the needles until her special move, at least. Adrenaline Injection
COISKscratch fantendoverseV2
Scratch Kat
Skyboard Scratch got out of the hell that is his life to skate! He has a strong liptrick stat but flops down flat trying to get much air. TBA
Rachel Harel
SSB Prodigy
Striped Board Rachel is ready to ride! She is an agile skater who can balance nicely and jumps rather high. TBA
AranSportsResortAlt 1
Aran Leverletto
Bionic Board Aran is here for some fun! His moves are wide-ranged and he is able to do a lot of tricks flawlessly. TBA
Heroboard Fera is hera! Sorry. Anyway, Fera is a great flip trick maker and tends to jump really high, but her lip tricks and her manual skills tend to hold her back a bit. TBA
SSB Strafe
Metal Plate Strafe's out of the warzones and into the parks! His balance skills are unmatched, but he isn't all that good when he's trying to get off the ground. TBA
Ashlee Murphy
Upbeat Board An extremely happy and optimistic girl from Ireland, Ashlee is a member of the Special Ops team, a subsidiary of F.A.N.T. She does well in every field except for keeping her balance on rails.
FSB OneHitWonder
Martial Arts Board Amaia is ready to skate! She is great at spinning around on her board but can't seem to flip her board all that well.


Level Description
Vans Skatepark (Orange, California)
SSB TayshaunandAmy
Amy's first-stop skatepark and the first in the game, this park is based off a skatepark in the real world. It has plenty of ramps to trick off.
Zeonian Ruins
SSB Prodigy
What remains of the planet Zeon after its destruction. There's also a race track formed from debris not too far from this park and the rocks make for great ramps.
Hospitalized Skatepark
SSB LeahNeedlenam
SSB Prodigy
NYC Skatepark
An floating archipelago of sorts, Skybound's skatepark is one where you need a lot of air to clear some gaps, but also has rails to connect some islands to one another.
Skate Frontier
FSB OneHitWonder

The Shops

In Amy Jackson's Pro Skater, there are multiple shops where players can get certain items. These items range from levels to songs.

Tempo's Skate Shop

Here, Tempo will sell the player multiple boards, all of which can be used with every character.

Board Description Price
Old School Board A really old board from back in the 1950s, when skateboarding started, this board is a bit beaten down, but still good to use. $20
Snowskate Who cares if it's in the wrong environment, this board's a pretty cool one. Sure, it's meant to be on the slopes, but as long as you can ride it, right? $30
Street Sign Uh, there's some weird stuff in this store... anyway, someone took a street sign down and made a board out of it? Why? Don't ask me, ask the guy who did it. $50
Mountain Board This board's more for beginners, and when you use it, bails are less likely. This is mostly because you're strapped in while using it. $40
Disco Roller A board with disco light wheels! This board lights up the park when you use it and makes everything bright and colourful. $80

Hitomi's Portals to Other Places

Here, Hitomi Yamamoto will give the player new levels to play. The levels are not based on any series, just being general levels.

Level Name Description Price
Run-Down Factory An abandoned factory that's been worn down over time, this factory's deterioration's led to it becoming a skate spot, with collapsed ceilings making for great ramps and conveyor belts being sources of many grinds. $200
Pacific Park A skate park down in Tahiti, this level's a lot of fun in the sun. There's plenty of rails, a few quarter pipes and a half pipe. It's a trick lover's dream, really. $200
Downhill Park A level inspired by the Downhill Jam level from the Tony Hawk games, this level has you going down a hill (as the level name would suggest) while pulling off your tricks. If you reach the bottom, you can always go back up to the start of the course by crossing the line at the end. $300

Syara's Music Store

In this store, Syara will sell the player songs to listen to while skating. All items in this store cost $10.

Song Artist Genre Year
Movies Alien Ant Farm Punk 2001
Ride Deepsky Other 2002
Make A Sound Autopilot Off Punk 2004
Adventures Hyper Potions & Subtact Other 2015
No Way Back Foo Fighters Rock 2006
Tick Tick Boom The Hives Punk 2007
Lost Weekend The Qemists Rock/Other 2009


Song Artist Genre Year
Sirens Zebrahead Punk 2013
Superman Goldfinger Punk 1997
Like Eating Glass Bloc Party Indie 2005
Crazy Train Ozzy Osborne Rock 1980
Jumping All Over The World Scooter Other 2007
Unconditional The Bravery Rock 2005
Pretend I Fight Dragons Rock 2014
Mr. Brightside The Killers Rock 2004
The Road (Run For Miles) We Are The Ocean Rock 2012
The City Madeon Other 2012
Emoji Pegboard Nerds Other 2015
Dragon Slayer Ninja Sex Party Other 2015
Save World Get Girl I Fight Dragons Rock 2011
Gives You Hell The All-American Rejects Punk 2009
Propane Nightmares Pendulum Rock 2008
Summer Paradise Simple Plan // Sean Paul Other 2011
First Date Blink-182 Punk 2001
Take On Me Ninja Sex Party Rock/Other 2016
Clockwork (SSX 3 remix) Autopilot Off Punk 2003
Final Boss Nitro Fun Other 2015
This is Forever Hellberg // Danyka Nadeau Other 2014
A Light Goes Off (RuN RiOT Remix) RuN RiOT Other 2012

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