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Amy Atom is a minor character in the Ella-Metals series. She has been evil to the Metals family since Donny and Daisy Metals' wedding day. She has the ability to control atoms itself, creating compounds to use in battle. She is brainwashed in Kaisser's Army for the final battle.


Amy can group and infinite amount of atoms together and send them forward to attack. Or she can send them by one, albeit, they do less damage.


Amy is overconfident about her powers and power hungry, she is very competitive and is a bit of a control freak who always wants to be the leader in the group, described by her friends as the "primary atom" or "the element". She lives life to the full, but does like to relax.


Amy is a natural redhead, who dyes her hair dark brown. She wears all dark, except for white cuffs. She wears a golden circular pendant and has green eyes and wide-lensed black rectangle shaped "nerd" glasses.


Ella Metals (Movie)

Amy will go under a drastic change in the Ella-Metals Movie by Sorastitch (tbc) as he will be writing her in the way he imagined.



  • As with Five, she was created by Sorastitch (tbc).
  • She would of probably been the villain in the cancelled Ella-Metals 0.5.