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Amul Dragon Spirit.png
Amul's original human appearance
Amru, Amur (alternate Romanizations of his name)
SPECIES Human / Dragon
CURRENT STATUS Unknown (as of Dragon Spirit: The New Legend)
BIRTHPLACE Kingdom of Mitgult
Alicia (wife),
Lace (son),
Iris (daughter)
CLASS Captain
SERIES Dragon Spirit
Dragon Spirit (1987)

Amul (Japanese: アムル Amuru), sometimes Romanized as Amru or Amur, is the main protagonist of the 1987 arcade game Dragon Spirit. Amul is a captain in the kingdom of Mitgult's army, who directly serves Princess Alicia. He is transformed into a large blue dragon form by the sun goddess Arlia in order to rescue the princess from the clutches of the serpentine demon of darkness, Zawell.

Physical Appearance

Throughout Dragon Spirit, Amul appears as a large blue dragon. As he is always seen from a birds-eye view, it can only be determined that he has blue scales and red horns. Artwork of his dragon form appears to show it with two long and narrow golden horns, and depicts him with a lighter-blue belly and his wings as being white.

Amul's human form is not shown in-game, but does appear in artwork. He appears to be a fairly tall individual with a large amount of black hair on his head. He wears large black pauldrons with golden rims, several other golden and black armour pieces, and prominently a blue and red cape. His basic attire appears to be a light blue, with a number of brown straps crisscrossing around his legs down to his shoes of an identical colour scheme.


Jake's Super Smash Bros.

Amul makes a minor appearance in Jake's Super Smash Bros. as a non-playable character. Amul appears as part of PAC-MAN's Final Smash attack, Namco Tussle, alongside several other retro characters. At the end of the attack's short cinematic, Wonder Momo kicks the opponents hit by this attack into the fire breath of Amul's blue dragon form, which is what launches fighters away and ends the cinematic.


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