Amjomonstraj (L47 for "friend monsters") is a game not released by Erictom333 Studios never.



Amjomonstraj List

The game has at least 5 Amjomonstraj (singular Amjomonstra) to befriend. They are sorted into 17 types: Ajra (Air), Akwa (Water), Cibera (Cyber), Fera (Iron), Glaca (Ice), Herba (Grass/Plant), Inja (Fire), Kombatea (Fighting), Linja (Wood), Luma (Light), Maʒja (Magic), Menta (Mind/Psychic), Mitika (Mythic), Tera (Earth), Umbra (Dark), Venema (Poison), and Volta (Electricity). Amjomonstraj can have between 0 and 2 types, and can gain more from evolving.

Amjomonstra Description Default Moves


Cjelenaj roam the skies of Moreija in packs. They are massive, often growing to over 8m (25ft) long. They stay afloat by electrolyzing hydrogen from water vapor. They are usually docile, but can pack a punch if angered.

Etym: cjela (sky) + balena (whale)

  • Kapavkoʒe: The Cjelena rams into an emeny Amjomonstra, dealing large damage.
  • Vente: The Cjelena blows a stream of air, pushing away enemy Amjomonstraj.


Galeʒiljaj are massive creatures that serve as floating islands. They ofted grow to a diameter of 10m (30ft), but can grow much bigger, so much that entire cities are built on top of them.

Etym: galeʒe (to float) + ilja (island)



Ʒepetataj are basically zeppelins kept afloat by means of a giant potato. We have no idea how.

Etym: ʒepelina (zeppelin) +patata (potato)


Ajralgaj are simple plant-like creatures that live in the skies above Moreija.

Etym: ajra (air) + alga (algae)


Kaldazaj are creatures made from hot gases. They are insidious and can seep into places if not properly contained.

Etym: kaldo (hot) + gaza (gas)

  • Korode: The Kaldaza corrodes the enemy Amjomonstra, dealing Inja-type damage and lowering their defense.


Muskombaj are small creatures made of moss. They can spontaneously explode if stressed or in danger.

Etym: muska (moss) + bomba (bomb)

  • Esplode: The Muskomba explodes, dealing large damage to all Amjomonstraj in a surrounding radius.


  • Type templated credit to ValkyriePyra.

L47 guide

  • L47 pronunciations differ from IPA/English where shown below:
    • 'a' as /ʌ/ = 'u' in "umbrella"
    • 'aj' as /aɪ/ = 'i' in "icecream"
    • 'aw' as /aʊ/ = 'ou' in "house"
    • 'c' as /ts/ = 'ts'
    • 'ej' as /eɪ/ = 'ai' in "snail"
    • 'j' as /j/ = 'y'
    • 'lj' as /λ/
    • 'nj' as /ɲ/ = 'ñ' in Spanish "señor"
    • 'ŋ' as /ŋ/ = 'ng' in "ring"
    • 'oj' as /oɪ/ = 'oi' in "coin"
    • 'ow' as /oʊ/ = 'oa' in "boat"
    • 'u' as /u/ = 'oo' in "boot"
    • 'ʒ' as /dz/
  • L47 words are pluralised by suffixing -j to the word.
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