Drake member of the Hoenn elite four  is the ship's pilot from "Kanto - Seevay" after obtaining the national pokédex you going to Vermilion city with Golden Card for Drake and his crew leave you board

on the ship you will face the captain (Drake) if you find the  cabin

Elite four drake sprite bw remake by vur3-d5cpw4b

First Battle


Altaria level 56

Flygon bs

Flygon level 58

Kingdra bs Kingdra level 56
Shelgon Shelgon level 54 Salamence bs Salamence level 59


Drake will be facing once per visit to his ship and his team will develop during the 2nd meeting (will ship every Monday Wednesday Friday and Saturday)


Altaria level 68

Flygon bs

'Flygon level 70'

Kingdra bs Kingdra level 70
612 h Haxorus level 69 Salamence bs Salamence level 72 Dragonite BS Dragonite level 71


you can also get a Bagon if you beat Drake 10 times (the only way to get Bagon)


Bagon level 20

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