Amiibo Unlimited is a toys-to-life action adventure platformer video game developed by Stardust Citadel (and later Fuzzy Feeling Productions) and published by Nintendo, set to be released for the Wii U. Based on a concept by Toroko, the game is inspired by Disney Infinity and Skylanders, in which players utilize amiibos to unlock characters in-game. Players can manage their own town filled with Nintendo creatures in the Nintown game mode, in which players help the town to grow and protect it from potential danger. Players can also take part in the Amiibo Campaign, where machines called Amiibots are trapping Nintendo characters and turning them into amiibos.

All the released amiibos can be utilized in Amiibo Unlimited, although ones function differently than others. Unlike Disney Infinity, the gameplay worlds do not required extra amiibos to be unlocked, they can be unlocked alongside a character. Additionally, players can utilize any characters in different worlds, also unlike Disney Infinity. Club Nintendo users had the chance to experience the game during it's beta phase and it would be soon turn into a public beta release, as players give their own tips to the developers in what areas should they focus on or notice any bugs in the game.

Although at first the decision was to make the game Nintendo-centric, Stardust Citadel announced that the game will feature third-party content, such as the likes of Mega Man, Pac-Man, Cloud, Ryu and Bayonetta would be represented in the game.


Amiibo Unlimited has four different gameplay modes.

Amiibot Invasion

In this main mode, you take control of a random character as you travel across many worlds to try and stop an army of monsters calling themselves Amiibots, as they try and turn characters from all over the universe into Amiibos and keep them for themselves. The gameplay is as usual; three-dimensions action-adventure, with an energy bar controlling how much health you have. As you fight Amiibots throughout the many worlds, you must defeat the boss at the end of each world to continue the story.

Amiibo Explore

In this mode, any Amiibo character can explore worlds that are unlocked by scanning in a specific type of Amiibo. Exploration is completely open-world, and three-dimensional, not unlike Super Mario 3D World. Characters also have energy bars that are depleted through taking damage. When the bar runs out, the character respawns at the main area of the world. Enemies and NPCs are all over the different worlds, the former of which can be defeated by attack moves, and the latter of which can be talked to in order to fulfill quests.

Amiibo Challenger

In Amiibo Challenger, the player goes through predetermined challenges (like the 10 Mario Challenge in Super Mario Maker) or through randomly selected adventures (like the 100 Mario Challenge) with the objective of getting to the end of the stage, fighting a boss or finding the goal post. The player can pick any character that they have scanned their amiibo of to play through the stages, additionally other players can join in the game, through drop in/out multiplayer similar to New Super Mario Bros. Wii. There is three difficulty options, Easy, Medium or Expern and three length options, Short, Medium or Long.

The game is played in three dimensions, similar to Super Mario 3D World. Each player has a energy bar and if it is depleted, the player loses a life. Lifes can be acquired through a life up item or by acquiring a certain amount of points. Similarly, enemies also has energy bars, although some enemies have less energy than others. Some enemies cannot be defeated through simple methods, such as Darknuts, which requires the player to hit it from behind and Metroids, that can only be defeated by freezing them.

There is three kinds of stages, Normal, Boss and Puzzle. Normal levels are similar to the likes of the Super Mario games, requiring the player to simply to get to the goal, Boss levels are separted in two categories: Battle and Path, with Battle being simply the boss battle against one of the game's many bosses and Path is the same as Normal levels, but with a boss instead of a goal. Puzzle levels are separted in Puzzles and Metroidvania, Puzzles being a simple or a collection of puzzles where the player has to complete several different kinds of buzzles and Metroidvania features big levels requiring use of power ups in order to progress to through the stage. The player can filter which levels they want to play before starting a journey. Additionally, the player can also makes mix of stages, such as a Boss Puzzle level or a Metroidvania Path level, etc.


In Nintown, the player has to take care of a city inhabitated by various characters from Nintendo games. The player has to attend their demands and also expand the town utilizing various resources. The player can acquire those resources from adventures, be by playing adventures or from other player's playing the players created adventures, which will give the player coins or different buildings and locations.

If the player scans the Toad amiibo, the player will get the option to look for resources with Captain Toad, which is a minigame that if done well can reward the player will goodies. The player can play this game unlimited times, but the minigame gets harder after multiple playthroughs.

List of villagers

After scanning an amiibo, the player unlocks villagers, although the villager doesn't immediately moves to town, instead the game will randomly selected a villager to join the city as the game progress. Below, here's a list of villagers:

Villager Amiibo Required

List of amiibo functions

Here is a table listing all of the functions for every Amiibo in-game.

Amiibo Function(s)
Amiibo MarioMarAmiibo Mario
  • Unlocks Mario character
  • Unlocks Mushroom Kingdom map
  • Adds the Fire Flower boost to Campaign Mode
  • Adds the Mario painting to Moonlight Mansion
  • Adds the Axe to Bowser Castle
  • Turns the power to the Comet Observatory on fully.
  • Adds Super Mario challenges 11-20 to the lineup of Mario challenges in Challenger
  • Allows Baby Mario, Bunny, Pauline, Pianta, Noki, and Plessie to come to Nintown
  • Unlocks Plumber's Hat to the mayor costumes in Nintown
Amiibo 8BitMarioRetroAmiibo 8BitMarioModern
NES Mario
Amiibo LuigiMarAmiibo Luigi
Amiibo PeachMarAmiibo Peach
Amiibo SuperMario char11a Daisy2
Amiibo RosalinaAmiibo SuperMario char07a Rosalina2
Amiibo BowserMarAmiibo Bowser
MarAmiibo Toad
Amiibo BowserJr
Bowser Jr.
Amiibo YoshiMarAmiibo Yoshi
Amiibo WarioAmiibo SuperMario char08a Wario2
Amiibo SuperMario char12a Waluigi2
Amiibo DonkeyKongAmiibo SuperMario char09a DonkeyKong2
Donkey Kong
Amiibo DiddyKongAmiibo SuperMario char10a DiddyKong2
Diddy Kong
Amiibo SuperMario char13a Boo2


Playable Characters

Character Description
Mario - Mario Party 10-1-

ZzzzzzzSuper Mario Logo
Attack Type Attacks
Ranged Attacks Fireball
Melee Attacks Hammer Strike
Tanooki Spin
Special Move Mega Mushroom
Amiibo MarioMarAmiibo Mario


World Description

Mushroom Kingdom
ZzzzzzzSuper Mario Logo
This is the Mushroom Kingdom, where Toads live mostly in harmony, led under the fair ruler, Princess Peach. This world is made up of several different decent-sized areas; there's Princess Peach's castle (which isn't accessible right away), the courtyard and outside of it, the outskirts where Goombas and Koopa Troopas live (based around the first world of most games), a cave with many brick blocks, and a large gorge where bouncy mushrooms are everywhere.

The enemies here are mostly Goombas and Koopa Troopas, but there are plenty of exceptions in each area. Peach's courtyard is home to a few Boos, the courtyard and castle exterior has many Piranha Plants and Monty Moles, the outskirts has Spinies, Buzzy Beetles, and Lakitus, the underground has Monty Moles and Buzzy Beetles, and the gorge has all sorts of different Goombas, as well as Piranha Plants.

NPCs giving quests mostly consist of Toads, including Toadette and Toadsworth, but a few of them are Lumas, Piantas, Nokis, and Bunnies. A water can can be used by picking it up in the courtyard, bringing it to the cave, and watering a plant underground, opening up an area where you can fight Petey Piranha. Defeating all the Goombas at the Gorge in one run unlocks a door in the Gorge where Goomboss can be fought.

Tapping in any of these Amiibo will unlock this world;
Amiibo MarioMarAmiibo Mario

Gloomy Mansionssb5

Moonlight Mansion
ZzzzzzzSuper Mario Logo

Tapping in any of these Amiibo will unlock this world;
Amiibo LuigiMarAmiibo Luigi

Tapping in any of these Amiibo will add elements to the map after it is unlocked;
Amiibo SuperMario char13a Boo2



Overworld Items

Campaign Quests

Campaign Bosses


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