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Amiibo Phone
A villager using an amiibo phone in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.
Item Type Phone
Kind of Item Phone
First Appearance Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
Latest Appearance Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
Calls and summons any character with an amiibo.

An amiibo Phone (stylized as Amiibo logo white.png amiibo phone) is a specialized phone that appears in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. It appears in the Fantendoverse as well, used by inter-dimensional beings like Zellen Harley Quimbleson.


The amiibo Phone looks somewhat similar to an ordinary desk phone, with a red telephone on top of the machine. The base of the machine is white with a bottom red trimming that is curved. In the center of the phone is an LCD display with two "eyes" that are either closed or open. Below the "eyes" is a curved orange-ish "nose" appendage.


Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

The amiibo Phone allows for calls without contact info within the Animal Crossing universe, by using Animal Crossing amiibo cards. This allows for the player to make calls to any Animal Crossing character so long as they have the card or amiibo and the means to scan the amiibo. Compatible with all amiibo cards and figures released at the time of the game's release.


In the Fantendoverse, the amiibo Phone's functions have been greatly expanded to summon any character scanned with the amiibo Phone, a version of this character often coming from a parallel universe. The amiibo Phone is extremely rare and scarce in this universe, with Zellen Harley Quimbleson known to hold the only known amiibo Phone. It is useful to her as she can call and summon any character she pleases without having to get up and look through dozens of parallel universes.


  • The amiibo Phone is one of the very few Nintendo-related things that appear within the Fantendoverse seemingly naturally, the other being Pokemon.
    • Palutena is stated to not be an original inhabitant of the Fantendoverse, however she has family within it.