amiibo Festival
Amiibo festival logo
Developer(s) Polis Kaniner
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Party Game
Predecessor Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival
Release Date(s) 2016
Amiibo Festival is a spinoff/sequel to Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. The game, like the original amiibo Festival game, is based around using amiibo figures and cards. Unlike the predecessor, this game is not based only on the Animal Crossing series, but still is somewhat Animal Crossing based.


Amiibo Festival comes with multiple game modes, all based around using amiibo cards and figures. To choose your character, you place your amiibo figure or card on the gamepad before starting.

Board Game

Board game is the main gamemode in amiibo party. In board game mode, players go around a board, rolling a die inbetween turns to see how many places they will move. When you land on a space, an event happens. Events can give or take happy points from the player who lands on it, or give or take bells. Getting lots of bells then give you happy points, so it's pretty much just the same deal. Unlike Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, inbetween rounds, minigames start. Happy points are awarded to the first place player and taken away from the loser. At the end of the board game, the player with the most happy points wins.

Desert Island Escape


Minigames are the games that play inbetween rounds in the board game mode. But you can also play minigames on their own outside of the board game mode.



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