Amiibo Charge
Amiibo Charge
An amiibo Charge from Super Mario Finale
Item Type Expendable
Kind of Item Figurine
First Appearance Super Mario Finale
Use to scan in amiibo figures.

An amiibo Charge is an item that debuted in Super Mario Finale that allows the player to scan in amiibo Figures and use their effects in the game. The item always looks like a darkened, glowing version of an amiibo from the series that the game is in (i.e. Mario in Super Mario Finale).

Game Appearances

Super Mario Finale

The item first appears in Super Mario Finale, where it is used to scan in amiibo. If the player does not have any amiibo Charges remaining, they cannot scan in amiibo. The player can only hold one amiibo Charge at first, but they can upgrade their maximum by using Power Moons. The players amiibo Charge count is restored whenever they use a Time Checkpoint. The items appears like a very dark version of the Super Mario series Mario amiibo.

The Legend of Zelda: Ghost Tracker

The amiibo Charge reappears in The Legend of Zelda: Ghost Tracker. It has a similar function to the one from Super Mario Finale, allowing the player to scan in amiibo figures for as long as they have amiibo Charges remaining. In order to restore their amiibo Charges, a player must go to a Fairy Shrine and pay 100 Rupees. The amiibo Charge in this game is based on the Toon Zelda amiibo.


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