Super Mario Cereal
Name Super Mario Cereal
Wave 1
Franchise Super Mario
First Usage Super Mario Odyssey
Release Date
December 11th, 2017

The Super Mario Cereal amiibo is the first (and possibly only) cereal box with Amiibo logo white amiibo functionality. It is being produced by Kellogs, and the box contains a NFR functional tag that works with Super Mario Odyssey. It was leaked by the cereal blog Cerealousy on November 27th and was confirmed quickly afterwards. It will be released on December 11th, 2017 in the US region only.


Star shaped cereal with Super Mario inspired marshmallows.

The Super Mario Cereal is a box that contains a Lucky Charms styled cereal, with star shaped toasted oat pieces and marshmellows resembling Mushrooms, 1-Up Mushrooms, and ? Blocks.

Compatible Games

Please attempt to keep this list updated.


  • Super Mario Odyssey - When scanned, it functions like every other amiibo in the game; giving the player a hint to find a single Power Moon. It comes with it's own exclusive flavor text.




  • This is the first amiibo attached to a cereal.
  • This is actually the second cereal attached to the Mario franchise, the first being the Nintendo Cereal System which included two cereals based on Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda respectively.
  • Prototype designs for the box show a vastly different design and concept for the cereal; it wasn't even originally designed with amiibo functionality at the start.
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