Splatoon Collection
Name Splatoon Collection
Collection Type Figure
Amount of Waves 2
Amount of Figures 8
Franchise Splatoon
First Usage Splatoon
May 29 2015

The Splatoon Collection is a line of amiibo based on the newcomer title Splatoon. It originally consisted of three amiibo, but a second wave added five more.

The first wave's launch coincided with that of the Splatoon game itself, on May 29 2015. The second wave will be released on July 8, 2016.



The regular Inkling-based amiibo (Inkling Girl, Boy and Squid) allow the player to play special missions from Hero Mode under certain conditions, and receive exclusive rewards like new Gear, a Hero Replica weapon (that does exactly the same as its vanilla counterpart) and a new Arcade Minigame.

Inking Girl gives the player access to missions using the Hero Charger (a Hero Mode version of the Splat Charger), and rewards the player with Shool gear, a Hero Charger Replica and the Squidball arcade game. Inkling Boy'sn missions center around the use of the Hero Roller (a Hero Mode version of the Splat Roller), and his rewards include Samurai gear, a Hero Roller Replica, and the Squid Racer Arcade game. Inkling Squid's missions are usually time-based missions with the Kraken, but sometimes are also Limited Ink challenges. The Squid's rewards are Power gear, a Hero Shot Replica, and the Squid Beatz Arcade minigame (which also doubles as a sound test).

The amiibo of Callie and Marie let the player view exclusive Squid Sisters concerts. The amiibo also come with a solo song exclusive to the respective Squid Sister.

Other (Canon)

  • Super Mario Maker: The Wave 1 amiibo (Inkling Squid, Boy and Girl) let them player unlock a Costume Mario each without the need to play 100 Mario Challenges.
  • Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash: Like all amiibo, earns the player 50 moolah per amiibo. The wave 1 amiibo also unlock the chance to get Chibi-Robo figurines of Inkling Girl, Boy and Squid poses.


Available amiibo

Wave Name Figurine Box Release (NA) Release (EU) Release (JP)
1 Inkling Girl
Amiibo InkGirl.png
Amiibo - Splatoon - Inkling Girl - Box.png
05-29-2015 05-29-2015 05-28-2015
1 Inkling Boy
Amiibo InkBoy.png
Amiibo - Splatoon - Inkling Boy - Box.png
05-29-2015 05-29-2015 05-28-2015
1 Inkling Squid
Amiibo InkSquid.png
Amiibo - Splatoon - Inkling Squid - Box.png
05-29-2015 05-29-2015 05-28-2015
2 Callie
Amiibo Callie.png
Amiibo - Splatoon - Callie - Box.png
07-08-2016 07-08-2016 07-07-2016
2 Marie
Amiibo Marie.png
Amiibo - Splatoon - Marie - Box.png
07-08-2016 07-08-2016 07-07-2016
2 Inkling Girl
Lime Green
Amiibo InkGirlGreen.png
Amiibo - Splatoon - Inkling Girl Green - Box.png
07-08-2016 07-08-2016 07-07-2016
2 Inkling Boy
Amiibo InkBoyPurple.png
Amiibo - Splatoon - Inkling Boy Purple - Box.png
07-08-2016 07-08-2016 07-07-2016
2 Inkling Squid
Amiibo InkSquidOrange.png
Amiibo - Splatoon - Inkling Squid Orange - Box.png
07-08-2016 07-08-2016 07-07-2016


  • The Splatoon Collection is the first amiibo set that uses the slimmer packaging that all subsequent amiibo Collections (sans Shovel Knight) are packed in.
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