Mario 30th Anniversary Collection
Name Mario 30th Anniversary Collection
Collection Type Figure
Amount of Figures 2
Franchise Super Mario
First Usage Super Mario Maker
First Wave's Release Date
September 10 2015

The Mario 30th Anniversary Collection is a line of amiibo that celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Super Mario series. It consists of two special Mario amiibo - they are blocky and are based on the classic 8-bit sprite of Mario in Super Mario Bros. They were specially made for Super Mario Maker, a game that also celebrated the 30th anniversary of the franchise and let the player create their own levels.

The amiibo line was first released on September 11 2015 alongside Super Mario Maker, a date close to the precise 30th anniversary itself, September 13 1985.


Super Mario Maker

Scanning the amiibo will add a Big Mushroom on the level creation field. When Mario interacts with the Big Mushroom, he will supersize and be able to break blocks by just stepping on them, and the playscreen gets a CRT-style effect, to mimic a TV from the '80s. Various enemies will also look different and take resemblance to Luigi, Peach and Toad. The Big Mushroom is only available in the Super Mario Bros. style.

The effect caused by each amiibo is virtually the same: the only differences are aesthetic. Classic Colors give the Big Mushroom and Big Mario the same color scheme as used in Super Mario Bros. while Modern Colors give them the color scheme they have in the current games.

Super Mario: Elemental Journey

Summons the Classic Mushroom for use. This turns players into 8-bit renditions of their characters and they gain three extra hits to take damage with. They also gain hearts like Super Mario Bros. 2, from the bottom of the screen.

Other (Canon)

As they are based on Mario, these two amiibo have the exact same functions as any other Mario amiibo in other games.


Available amiibo

Name Figurine Box Figure Origin Release (NA) Release (EU) Release (JP)
Mario - Classic Colors
Amiibo 8BitMarioRetro
Amiibo - Mario 30th - Classic - Box
Super Mario 09-11-2015 09-11-2015 09-10-2015
Mario - Modern Colors
Amiibo 8BitMarioModern
Amiibo - Mario 30th - Modern - Box
Super Mario 09-11-2015 10-23-2015 09-10-2015


  • Not counting single line amiibo like Chib-Robo and Shovel Knight, the Mario 30th Anniversary Collection has the fewest amiibo of all amiibo figure collections, having only two.
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