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Ameria Koopa is a young Koopafied human who was kidnapped by Bowser and turned into a Koopa. She is really a human princess named Princess Ameria. Age: 15

Birthday: August 16, 2001

Full name: Princess Ameria Koopoda.

Powers: Magic, healing, and beauty


Before the events of Super Mario World Adventure, Bowser kidnapped Princess Ameria. He brought her to the castle. Then Kamek turned her into a Koopaling. She was forced to stay there.

Super Mario World Adventure!

Ameria was taking a walk until she saw Mario. She told him that she was a princess and she was turned into a koopa. Then Bowser discovered that they had a friendship. He forced Ameria to fight Mario. Instead, she helped Mario defeat Bowser. Thanks to Peach, she became a human again and reunited with her parents.

Ameria's Adventure! The Lost Princess

Ameria discovered that she can still become a Koopa. She decided to go to the Mushroom Castle and look in the library. She saw a book that was owned by a princess a long time ago. This princess was young. At the end of the game, the princess is actually her.

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They became friends after Mario believed in what she said.


They became close friends after Peach broke the curse for her.


She feels a bit in love of him. But mostly, she hates him.


She literally hates him for the curse he put on her.


  • Her birthday is the same as Iggy's because the creator is also born on August 16.