You may be looking for Amber from Nursing School Amber (Nursing School) or the beta name for a Ella Metals star Amber Amber

The female playable character from Pokémon Iron and Amber and Pokémon Copal if she is chosen as the player than she is the daughter of Gold and Kris and has a younger sister Dia who likes to run around her house and redecorate your room while you are gone. Her contest rival is Tin and her fourth Elite 4 member is Cooper.

If you are the boy however than she is the daughter of Silver and a friendly rival towards you in terms of battling, she also has a little sister named Dia who tells you embarrassing things about her sister.


First Battle

Second Battle

  • lvl 10 - Cyndaquil/Totodile/Chikorita
  • Lvl 6 - Pidgey/Hoothoot/Starly - Pidgey if she has Cyndaquil, Hoothoot if she has Totodile and Starly if she has Chikorita

Third Battle

  • lvl 20 - Quilava/Crocnaw/Bayleef
  • lvl 16 - Pidgey/Hoothoot/Staravia
  • lvl 15 - Vulpix/Shellos (west)/Cherubi - Same element type as your starter

Fourth Battle

  • lvl 30 - Quilava/Crocnaw/Bayleef
  • lvl 25 - Pidgeotto/Noctowl/Staravia
  • lvl 26 - Vulpix/Shellos (west)/Cherrim
  • lvl 25 - Vulpix/Shellos (west)/Cherrim - Element best against her own starter

Fifth Battle

  • lvl 55 - Typhlosion/Feraligatr/Meganium
  • lvl 53 - Pidgeot/Noctowl/Staraptor
  • lvl 52 - Ninetales/Gastrodon (west)/Cherrim
  • lvl 50 - Ninetales/Gastrodon (west)/Cherrim
  • lvl 49 - Umbreon
  • lvl 48 - Steelix

Becoming a Pokémon Master

After Amber and her friend Iron had completed their poxedexes their local PR Professor Elm recommended that they travel the world in order to become true Pokémon Masters, thus the set off in ther adventure in Wrapped Up, as they did so they discovered many new friend such as Officer Jenny and Kooper the Koopa Troopa however they also uncovered and evil plot to attack and destroy them headed by the evil Mother Brain with assistance from their long time rivals Jesse and James as well as the evil Rocket leader Eustace.

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