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Amazonia is a goddess from heaven. She can create anything with her powers.


Amazonia doesn't exactly look like a goddess. She has long ginger hair, a dark green jacket with black sleeves, a black skirt and green boots. Her eyes are green during spring and summer, but turn brown in autumn and cyan during winter. She also has freckles. She has black fingerless gloves with a vine pattern on them, which apparently shows her nature ability.


Amazonia, alongside her sisters, have existed for 18,000 years, which translates into 18 goddess years. About a year ago, just before becoming 18, Amazonia and her sisters decided to go to Earth, to "see how the mortals lived". Upon first landing, they stuck out rather easily as goddesses, but managed to fit in well. While Snowella and Oceania managed to fit in perfectly, Amazonia struggled. She had a hard time hiding her powers. She and her sisters were found out after a girl in the area they were in discovered Amazonia's scythe. They decided to go to the Fantendoverse after the portal over RTAverse's Earth opened up, and ended up clashing with Eliza Thomas, a devil.


Amazonia is usually rather angered. She could possibly unhappy with how the environment is being treated.


  • Amazonia is named after the Amazon rainforest.

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