Amazon for Nintendo 64
Amazon for Nintendo 64 game
Publisher(s), Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 64, Wii
Genre(s) E-commerce
Series Amazon on Console
Predecessor None
Successor Amazon for Nintendo 64 Add-on, Amazon for Wii
Release Date(s) N64: December 11, 2000 Wii: July 30, 2009
Amazon for Nintendo 64 is a E-commerce add-on/game for the Wii and Nintendo 64. The purpose of this add-on was to popularize the shopping industry.

The add-on became immediately popular, selling 790 thousand copies the first day! On November 2002, Amazon announced that they will make another Amazon add-on for the GameCube. Nintendo and Amazon we’re really enjoying their partnership. On June 2008, Amazon and Nintendo announced that a disc version for the Wii. Rumors said that they we’re going to scrap this and go to the successor. Amazon released a more dated version on July 30th, 2009 for the Wii.

Concept history

Amazon in 1998 was getting popular. Amazon CEO was thinking of shopping on a console. The employees thought it was a terrible idea. It was huge risk for Amazon. The add-on was going to be for the 64DD but in 1999, the 64DD wasn’t doing great. The release date was also delayed from March 19th, 1999 to December 11th, 2000 for the N64. Amazon worked very hard on this add-on. Amazon for Nintendo 64 was ready for release. Amazon holded a presentation at E3 2000 and 2001. It was succesful right at the start!


Amazon for Nintendo 64 sold 12.7 million copies. In 2001, there was a collector’s edition Amazon Web Browser Online. Only 11,308 copies were sold and made. It made Amazon 330 million dollars. On the Wii, 2.2 million digital copies and an extra 7.9 million physical copies which bring the number to 10.1 million copies.


Amazon for Nintendo 64 became the most sold game/add-on until Wii Sports surpassed it. A lot of people were surprised that it did good because the Internet wasn't popular. Reviews proved that it was superior. IGN said "Amazon did a really brave move to bring e-commerce. to consoles".


Amazon for Nintendo 64 had really positive reviews. Amazon had an average review of 4.8/5 and 8.9/10

IGN reviewed it 4.4/5.

GameReviewer reviewed it 9.8/10

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