Amalgam Online
Developer(s) Lunatic Entertainment
Publisher(s) Lunatic Entertainment
Platform(s) PC, Xbox 360, DS, 3DS
Genre(s) Action RPG
Baby Waffle
Release Date(s) TBA
Mode(s) Massively Multiplayer
Media Included Periodic game updates & events, expansions are in discussions

Amalgam Online is the title of a secondary project based on the design of Ultimate Showdown. Originally named Galaxy Online, it follows a similar strategy as Ultimate Showdown; however instead of being based around media characters fighting in a massive duel to the death it is based around the very large number of extraterrestrial species found in various media, including aliens rumored to actually exist.

Unlike Ultimate Showdown, which is an online Action "Battle Royale" game; and They Rise, which is a single player Survival Horror; Amalgam Online is an online Action RPG.


Game creator Somarinoa has always found the numerous movies involving extraterrestrial life to be a bit flawed, specifically due to the copyrights of all individual companies: He believes that the universe and, in fact, just the galaxy is big enough to support all species created in our media, and it has always bothered him that there would never be an opportunity to see this concept in action. Eventually, with the apparent success of Ultimate Showdown, he decided to finally bring this idea to light, and begun work on Amalgam Online.


Hundreds of planets are able to be visited and at least partially explored during the course of the game, many of which have areas that can be visited by any level character, thereby greatly expanding replay value as no character absolutely needs to follow the same quest lines. Another unique option in Amalgam Online involving the planets is that each world has at least 2 names, which can, at the player's leisure, be changed via a drop-down menu while in orbit over any world. This is explained as being "individual preference" set on the player's personal starship, and the name chosen will be what is displayed for them not only when above the planet itself but also will replace any reference to the planet by name in any text in the game. Examples of this would be Earth (which has the option to also be called Terra, Gaia or Sol III), Mon Calamari (Mon Cal, Mon Cala, Calamari, Dac, Daca II, Calamari II, or Mon Calamari II), or Omicron Persei VIII (Omicron Persei 8).

Both media-based worlds and original worlds are featured, and each playable race generally starts off on their own homeworld when a new character is created, though some are able to start in other locations, as well. While the starting planet generally does not affect the player character outside of initial questlines given, the Human race is greatly affected by this; for instance, Martian Humans are slightly taller and thinner than Earthling Humans due to the different gravity settings they were born into.

Playable Races

A list of all current playable races found within Amalgam Online. Currently there is a whopping 57 races that can be played as, with more planned as well.

Sprite Species Origin Affiliation(s)
AO Aerophibian.png Aerophibian Ben 10 Independent
AO Andorian Male.png Andorian Star Trek
AO Aqualish Quarra.png Aqualish Star Wars
AO Arcona Male.png Arcona Star Wars
AO Arakkoa.png Arakkoa Warcraft
AO Asari.png Asari Mass Effect The Citadel
AO Basjin.png Basjin Dragon Ball Planet Trade Organization
AO Chig.png Chig Space: Above and Beyond
AO Darlok.png Darlok Master of Orion
AO Decapodian Male.png Decapodian Futurama
AO Diamont Alpha.png Diamont Metroid Independent
AO Drac.png Drac Enemy Mine Independent
AO Duros.png Duros Star Wars
AO Ectonurite.png Ectonurite Ben 10 Independent
AO Ethereal X-COM.png Ethereal X-COM
AO Fremen Male.png Fremen Dune
AO Furon.png Furon Destroy All Humans! Independent
AO Ghayrog.png Ghayrog Majipoor Chronicles Independent
AO Gowachin.png Gowachin Duneverse
AO Grey Short.png Grey Modern mythos
AO Hemadein.png Hemadein Dragon Ball Planet Trade Organization
AO Icejin Form 2 Alpha.png Icejin Dragon Ball Planet Trade Organization
AO Iktochi.png Iktochi Star Wars
AO Irken.png Irken Invader ZIM Irken Empire
AO Ithorian.png Ithorian Star Wars
AO Jaffa.png Jaffa Stargate
AO Jawa.png Jawa Star Wars
AO Kineceleran.png Kineceleran Ben 10 Independent
AO Klingon.png Klingon Star Trek Klingon Empire
AO Kriken.png Kriken Metroid Independent
AO Kryptonian Male.png Kryptonian DC Comics
AO Liimen Male.png Liimen Majipoor Chronicles Independent
AO Lumpus.png Lumpus Spore (Beta Only) Independent
AO Loboan.png Loboan Ben 10
AO Martian Looney Tunes.png Martian Looney Tunes
AO Martian (P&F).png Martian Phineas & Ferb
AO Melmacian Alpha.png Melmacian ALF Independent
AO Mon Calamari.png Mon Calamari Star Wars
AO Murloc (Green).png Murloc Warcraft Independent
AO Namekian Adult.png Namekian Dragon Ball
AO Necrofriggian.png Necrofriggian Ben 10 Independent
AO Omicronian Male.png Omicronian Futurama
AO Orc (Warcraft) Green Male.png Orc Warcraft
Ork Warhammer 40K
AO Prawn.png Prawn District 9 Independent
AO Protoss.png Protoss StarCraft
AO Quarian Female.png Quarian Mass Effect The Citadel
AO Quarren (Star Wars).png Quarren Star Wars
AO Remulakian.png Remulakian SNL: Coneheads Independent
AO Romulan.png Romulan Star Trek
AO Sangheili Alpha.png Sangheili Halo 2 Factions: The Covenant and Independent
Skandar Majipoor Chronicles Independent
AO Space Pirate 1.png Space Pirate Metroid Space Pirates
AO S'pht.png S'pht (Compiler) Marathon
Tarkatan Mortal Kombat
Terran Real Life
AO Thranx Alpha.png Thranx Humanx Commonwealth
Umbaran Star Wars
Utwig Star Control League of Sentient Races
Vorticon Commander Keen
Vroon Majipoor Chronicles Independent
AO Vulcan Male.png Vulcan Star Trek United Federation of Planets
AO Wookiee Male.png Wookiee Star Wars
Wroonian Star Wars
AO Yautja Male.png Yautja AVP Independent
AO Yenaax.png Yenaax Original: BaryMiner Independent
Zabrak Star Wars
Zaterran Mortal Kombat Independent
Zeltron Star Wars

Non-Playable Races

Some of these races may become playable later on but currently are not. Others are simple background species, and the majority of this list will be typical enemies to fight, such as non-sapient creatures found while adventuring.

Sprite Species Origin Affiliation(s)
3PO Protocol Droid Star Wars Neutral (Background NPCs / Buyable "Servants")
AO Alien Hominid.png Alien Hominid Alien Hominid
Assassin Droid Star Wars Neutral (Hirable as bounty hunters)
B2 Super Battle Droid Star Wars
AO Bananaz.png Bananaz Spore
Blobby Outer-Terrestrials Outer-Terrestrial Organization
Cacodemon DooM Hell
AO Calcinite.png Calcinite X-COM
Clairconctlar Star Control New Alliance of Free Stars
Cylon Battlestar Galactica
Darlok Master of Orion
Dubtak Ascendancy Independent
Eitak Corridor 7: Alien Invasion
AO Etecoon Alpha.png Etecoon Metroid Independent
Ethereal X-COM
Ewok Star Wars Independent
AO Flemoid.png Flemoid Chex Quest Independent
Forerunner Halo Independent
Ghayrog Majipoor Chronicles Independent
Gossam Star Wars
Gowachin ConSentiency
Grox Spore Grox Empire
Hevanite Kyklos Mythos Yolthus Independency
Hey The Tick Independent
Howler Animorphs
AO Ichthyo sapien.png Ichthyo sapien Hellboy
Jin'ha Star Wars
AO Kanassan.png Kanassan Dragon Ball Independent
Kweltikwan Disney Independent
AO Lk.png Lk Star Control Independent
Lucratian Utopia: The Creation of a Nation Independent
Luminoth Metroid
Lumpus Spore Independent (Aggressive)
AO Marklar.png Marklar South Park Independent
Mars People Metal Slug
AO Nibblonian Male.png Nibblonian Futurama Independent
Okky Outer-Terrestrials Outer-Terrestrial Organization
Ooggy Outer-Terrestrials Outer-Terrestrial Organization
AO Otrebor.png Otrebor Corridor 7: Alien Invasion
Paramecium Futurama Independent
AO Quintaglio.png Quintaglio Quintaglio Ascension Independent
Qwohog Star Wars
AO Rigellian Simpson.png Rigellian The Simpsons Independent
Rikti City of Heroes/Villains
Saberon Warcraft
AO Saibamen.png Saibamen Dragon Ball Planet Trade Organization
AO San 'Shyuum Alpha.png San 'Shyuum Halo
AO Semaj.png Semaj Corridor 7: Alien Invasion
Sleestak Land of the Lost Independent
Snovemdomas Ascendancy Independent
AO Spathi.png Spathi Star Control New Alliance of Free Stars
AO Starman.png Starman Earthbound
Super Yautja Aliens vs. Predator Independent
AO Su-Suheris.png Su-Suheris Majipoor Chronicles Independent
AO Symbiote.png Symbiote Marvel Comics
AO Teltarian.png Teltarian The Maw Independent
Tiggy Outer-Terrestrials Outer-Terrestrial Organization
Toa Bionicle
AO Trisolian Male.png Trisolian Futurama Independent
Trollan Masters of the Universe Independent
AO Tusken Raider Male.png Tusken Raider Star Wars Independent
Uggy Outer-Terrestrials Outer-Terrestrial Organization
AO Umgah.png Umgah Star Control
AO Utrom Hoverpad.png Utrom Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Venusian Metal Slug
AO Vortigaunt.png Vortigaunt Half-Life
Wersgorix The High Crusade Independent
Xa Fel Star Wars
AO Xan Alpha.png Xan Star Wars
Xananab Super Mario Bros.
AO Xilien.png Xilien Godzilla films
Yam'rii Star Wars
Yardratian Dragon Ball Independent
AO Yarn Person.png Yarn People Futurama Independent
Yeerk Animorphs
AO Yip Yip (Sesame Street) Red.png Yip Yip Muppets Independent
Zandor Rocker Star Wars
AO Zanibar.png Zanibar Star Wars
AO Zerg Hydralisk.png Zerg StarCraft Zerg Swarms
AO Zoat.png Zoat Warhammer 40K Independent
AO Zoq-Fot-Pik.png Zoq-Fot-Pik Star Control New Alliance of Free Stars


Wildlife consists of the various (generally) non-sapient species found populating each world. Some are neutral but a good number of them are hostile. When out exploring some alien forest, jungle, desert, grassland, sea or whatever, these are the creatures you will encounter the most.

Sprite Species Origin Affiliation(s)
AO Atomic.png Atomic Metroid Neutral (Power units in some ships / enemies on wrecked ships)
AO Ayug.png Ayug Spore Neutral (Wildlife)
AO Barnacle.png Barnacle Half-Life Neutral (Aggressive wildlife)
AO Bengalaas.png Bengalaas StarCraft Neutral (Wildlife)
AO Chupacabra.png Chupacabra Modern Mythos
Dragonfly Warcraft Neutral (Aggressive wildlife)
AO Flick'ta.png Flick'ta Marathon Neutral (Aggressive wildlife)
Fungal Giant Warcraft
Fungal Whale Warcraft
Genesaur Warcraft
AO Green Gloople.png Gloople Amorphous + Neutral (Aggressive wildlife)
AO Houndeye.png Houndeye Half-Life Neutral (Aggressive wildlife)
AO Ice Shriekbat.png Ice Shriekbat Metroid Neutral (Aggressive wildlife)
AO Igglybuff.png Igglybuff Pokémon Neutral (Wildlife)
AO Jaka Bird Male.png Jaka Bird Futurama Neutral (Wildlife)
AO Jelzap.png Jelzap Metroid Neutral (Aggressive wildlife)
AO Jigglypuff.png Jigglypuff Pokémon Neutral
Kalladahin Star Wars
AO Komayto.png Komayto Kid Icarus Neutral (Aggressive wildlife)
AO Maw.png Maw The Maw Neutral (Aggressive wildlife)
AO Metroid Adult.pngAO Ing Metroid.png Metroid Metroid Neutral (Aggressive wildlife)
AO Mochtroid.png Mochtroid Metroid Space Pirates
AO Owtch.png Owtch Metroid Neutral (Wildlife)
AO Phinda.png Phinda Star Wars Neutral (Wildlife)
AO Powamp.png Powamp Metroid Neutral (Wildlife)
AO Sandworm Baby.png Sandworm Dune Neutral (Aggressive wildlife)
AO Snuffle.png Snuffle The Maw Neutral wildlife
AO Stonemime.png Stonemime Expedition Neutral
AO Tribble.png Tribble Star Trek Neutral (Wildlife / Pet)
AO Visceroid.png Visceroid Command & Conquer Aggressive wildlife
AO Wampa.png Wampa Star Wars Neutral (Aggressive wildlife)
AO Wigglytuff.png Wigglytuff Pokémon Neutral
AO X Parasite Yellow.png X Parasite Metroid Neutral (Aggressive wildlife)
AO Xeno Egg.pngAO Xeno Facehugger.pngAO Xeno Chestburster.pngAO Xeno Drone.pngAO Xeno Warrior.png Xenomorph Aliens vs. Predator Neutral (Aggressive wildlife)
AO Yum.png Yum The Maw Neutral (Wildlife / Pet)

Easter Egg Races

Sprite Species Origin Location(s), Uses
AO MM2 Alien.png Alien Mega Man 2 Seen in some stores, can be purchased as a vanity costume
Graboid Tremors Appears in curios shops and freak shows, in a similar bogus manner as a Jackalope

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