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Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) RPG
Series Althomatrix
Release Date(s) 2/13/19
Mode(s) Single player
Age Rating(s) ESRB2013E1012RatingCERO B
Media Included Media Switch Nintendo Switch Catridge
Media DL icon Digital Download
Available Input Joy-Con Icon Joy-Con
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Althomatrix is a Open-World, RPG, Strategy Game that is for the Nintendo Switch. It will also be on any compatible mobile device. It will have many events that happen throughout the year. The Switch Version of the game costs $49.99 while the mobile version costs $9.99 (But because it is less it has a lot less content)

Playable Characters

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The Master Swordsman

When Leo takes a break from guarding the Althomatix, it gets stolen so now he’s on a quest to redeem himself. He specialises in close-combat Sword attacks.
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Aron the archer

The Infamous Robed Archer

Aaron is a Robed-Rouge who travels from town to town in search of his missing sister. When time starts to stop he joins Leo to find and stop the destruction of the Althomatix. He specialises in Archery-Type Attacks.
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The Mechanic With a heart for Robots

In her Spare time when she’s not saving the world with you, she is working on her robots. Ever since her parents died when she was 6 she has always relied on robots, because they can’t die. She Specialises in Mechanical-Type attacks.
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A Legendary Harp Player

A harp player who is on a quest to find the Etheon Harp to save her family who were all put under a deep sleep. She Specialises in Music-Type attacks.
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The Wizard of all Trades

An Aprentice wizard who has an odd interest in black cats? She Specialises in Wizardry
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The Master Berserker

A master Berserker who likes to smash rocks. Even though he looks primitive he actually not. He specialises in Smashing-Thing-Type Attacks.


In story mode the player must progress through dungeons in search of the Althomatrix to stop time from stoping. There are many dungeons that players must go through They will have to fight many monsters.


Picture Name Monsters Rewards Books Description Location
54F82795-8384-4F6F-9FFC-A161B381A7E3 Starting Dungeon9982C3D4-EC2C-4D97-B499-8BFCBD72D90A7F06F5C7-52E9-41DC-8A12-4FE6E75EA9DF Slimes, Skeletons Rusty SwordAlthomatrixsword1, Busted Buckler None The dungeon that starts it all King’s Basement
549090BC-BA2C-4A8F-B01C-6BA615BFE89A Dusty Dungeon 9982C3D4-EC2C-4D97-B499-8BFCBD72D90A7F06F5C7-52E9-41DC-8A12-4FE6E75EA9DF Slimes, Skeletons, Spiders Rusty Rod, Broken Bone Mace Slime’s Infobook A Dungeon that was clearly not looked after Rotted Woods


Players Must craft new weapons and gear to get stronger.


With the Fuse Furnace players can fuse 2-3 Items together to create more stronger, powerful ones.



The Encyclopedia Monstro is a book of all monsters that you have encountered. To have it added you must have found its infobook

Picture Name Hp Def Atk Moves Description Location(S) Drops
Slime-Althomarix Slime (Green)9982C3D4-EC2C-4D97-B499-8BFCBD72D90A7F06F5C7-52E9-41DC-8A12-4FE6E75EA9DF 20 2 7 Bash-9Atk A green gelatinous blob that is always mad for some reason various Green Ooze
Althoskelaton Skeleton Explorer9982C3D4-EC2C-4D97-B499-8BFCBD72D90A7F06F5C7-52E9-41DC-8A12-4FE6E75EA9DF 23 5 12 Bony Bash-8Atk, Reasemble A Skeleton of what “appeared” to be a Explorer before his death Various Bones, Rusty Sword
BiteBulb Bite Bulb9982C3D4-EC2C-4D97-B499-8BFCBD72D90A 50 10 23 Alt Del-30Atk, Darkened Brightness-Gives the Dark Status Effect to the opponent This little troublemaker messes up websites such as Twitter and Fantendo Inside Couch Potato’s TV Bitten Glass


Status Effects

Picture Name Effects ID# From Description Works on
C8DFBDAC-63ED-49DB-920D-9E7D1502C29E Poison Does 20Atk Every Turn EF001 TBA A horrible effect that hurts you, (P.S. it may even kill you) Players, Some Monsters, And Some Bosses

Credit to Exotoro for the backrounds of the characters


The Althonet is a news channel hosted by The “Wizards” Of the TV (Aka The couch Potatoes) it is Is a new channel that brings you all the news about the game

Discovered Easter Eggs

  • The Bite Bulb Is a reference to the troll that attacked this game and multiple others on 1/23/19


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