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Alter Shard
Alter Shard Thundren
The Thundren Alter Shard, the first known Alter Shard.
Function Alters one's appearance, a few personality traits, abilities, and others, but keep morality and most personality traits consistent.
Activation Holding one single Alter Shard for ten seconds.
Users None so far,
Origin Made of colored mist which contain extracted powers from any person.

Alter Shards are three-pointed crystals that are fairly large and have two colors in a diamond gradient. They also have a colored shine that surround the shards.

When near a person, it shines more and produce a stronger shine. If a person had grabbed one Alter Shard and hold it for ten seconds, the transformation will execute and perform a rapid and brutal transformation that pushes anyone, even those who cannot be phased, up to a hundred feet away.

The person who had been transformed by an Alter Shard is an Altered Ego, in that the character become another one in term of physical appearance, species, a few personality traits (but not all), abilities, and even gender and sexual orientation. However, the original form of the character and the Altered Ego will have a few things in common with each others.

In fact, the Altered Ego behaves the same as the original form; they are still the same person despite the different abilities, and the prime purpose of the Alter Shards is to change the user's abilities to deal with situations they normally have difficulty to solve, but the Altered Egos will also have their own set of weaknesses which potentially make the user less capable of what they usually do, thus the user must carefully use their new form and adapt.

There is a danger of using a Alter Shard; if the person who is using have no true side, as in only serving for himself or herself and only join with anyone to benefit for oneself, it will turn murderous and evil regardless of the person's morality. Otherwise the user's morality remains the same if this is not the case.

What person will transform into greatly varies on the individual person and the Alter Shard used, as even an identical twin will have a completely different Altered Ego even from the same Changer Shard. With that said, the same Alter Shard also have a single ability and personality trait that will be given to any of person who used it.

The person who become an Altered Ego will change back to normal if defeated in combat, and the original person cannot die in any way during the Altered Ego form, but the Alter Shard will be put into a 24 hour rest. That said, the pain and trauma the Altered Ego suffered will also transmitted to the original user, and vice versa. They can also turn back to normal by touching the same Alter Shard, and they cannot go into further Alter Egos with different Alter Shards if already being on Altered Ego mode.

Since the power level only changes marginally, it can stack with Hyper Mode, Mega Evolution (if the person is a Pokémon), Sage Badge form, and even Exa-Form, though the latter will be invalid or change into Mono-Form instead if the Altered Ego have a power that will harm them from using EX Energy instead, but it can if only the original form of the user have these power and the Altered Ego does not.

Although it can work on gods and everyone with a significantly high power level, regardless if their power are natural or from their transformation, they will enter a complete 48 hour paralysis shall they get defeated in their Altered Ego form.

It is revealed that the Altered Shards are created in the Secretverse from dead people as their power or abilities are flied away and converted into Altered Shards by magicians capable of converting power into crystals. It is also possible to extract the power of others and make a new Alter Shard, but at risk of leaving the person whose power is extracted powerless for a while, but can brought it back by touching the respective Alter Shard.

The Altered Shards can be destroyed like fragile crystals, but will be eventually reconstructed back to normal after a full year. Reviving the dead person will not have the respective Alter Shard disintegrated, but will not be able to become more or less powerful, as such it is the only time an Alter Shard is incompatible with someone.

List of Alter Shards + Users

So far, only King Cube KiloBot is a notable user of just one Alter Shard.

Alter Shard Description + Altered Egos
Alter Shard Thundren
Thundren Shard
The Thundren Shard is the storm-based power left by Galeton Thundren, an ancient brave warrior who scarified himself to save his people from barbaric outsiders. Common power it gives are the power of thunderstorm (electric and water).

User: King Cube KiloBot | Altered Ego: Captain Cablefish

Introduction: Meta-Form: Amazing Isles

A scaly catfish-like rogue who is vaguely humanoid, this Altered Ego is far faster than KiloBot's original ego (although despite being almost as obese) but loses much of his durability. He also gain water-based abilities such as faster swimming, firing jets of water, and using his fin to cause a tidal wave. He's not able to do the loud scream and is unable to perform his Giga Devastator, but is able to instead perform the Tidal Disaster, which send a small but powerful tsunami.

Cablefish's behavior is more aggressive but more forgetful than KiloBot, but still not dumb; call him stupid or attacking him with no good reason will cause him to strike you down, probably much worse than KiloBot could do on you.

Alter Shard Reigena
Reigena Shard
The Reigena Shard is created from the power of a dark mage called Reigena, who had died at the hand of a spineless assassin to save her girlfriend a long time ago.

No notable users yet.

Alter Shard Stoneguard
Stoneguard Shard
The Stoneguard Shard is created from a nature-controlling but ruthless traitor of the Golems, Stoneguard, who had been executed after being caught by Golem Guards a long time ago.

No notable users yet.

Alter Shard Blantok
Blantok Shard
The Blantok Shard is created from a light-controlling giant called Blantok Brot, who served the god Gigantin before being accidentally killed by a comerade, with Gigantin extracting the power of his dead body in hope to find a worthy replacement.

No notable users yet.

Devasta Shard
The Devasta Shard is created from the power of the powerful giant Demisa Devasta, who is defeated at the hand of several of the Earth's warriors. Although she can easily be brought back to life, her power had been severely toned down thanks to Vale being able to extracting most of her power away.

No notable users yet.

Arcanos Shard
The Arcanos Shard is born from Arcanos' power trying to flee thanks to his pure hatred, but even the robotic undead robot's own hatred prevent any power from being sealed.

No notable users yet.

Aereal Shard
The Aereal Shard is created by Skar who kept some of the power Aereal used to have so that he will always remember her... but what he wasn't aware until now is that Aereal is now an amortal undead.

No notable users yet.

Mysterious Shard
This odd Alter Shard is unknown as of current, but is seems to be made of... a certain deadly energy. Someone who's weak to it must be desperate to use this kind of energy.
As this Alter Shard is not supposed to show up yet, only Samtendo09 is allowed to use this Alter Shard at the moment until further notice.

No notable users yet.

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