Altair Allen
Altair Allen, a hopeless romantic squared.
AGE 25 (biologically 26)
BIRTHDAY August 13th, 1800
Sarah Needlenam (occasional ally)
People, romance, the stars
WEAPONS Twin revolvers
Summoning his future self

Altair Allen is a private investigator who is well-known in some circles for his strict morals and the speed with which he can solve cases. His efficiency is owed to the power of his Standing Ripple Last Train to London, lets him live through a day twice and be in two places at once by summoning his future self into the present.

He is the Wallverse's version of Alcyone.


Altair is a Kerran - an extremely human-like race with blue skin and a sharpened teeth, which are made slightly more prominent by his overbite. His hair is black, and usually well-combed and pushed back behind his ears.

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Altair's Standing Ripple, Last Train to London, allows him to summon his future self. The future self can only be summoned from 24 hours in the future at most, and can only exist for 24 hours at most. When Altair willingly deactivates Last Train to London's power, or when the 24-hour timer has totally expired, the version of Altair that did the summoning will be pulled back in time to become the future self that was originally summoned, effectively completing the loop.

What Altair's future self is capable of doing while reliving the day is strictly moderated by Last Train to London's powers in order to prevent time paradoxes or even Shatterings. If future Altair's actions in the past threaten to change events that he already experienced, said actions will be interrupted by "fate." For example, if Altair's future self were to try shooting somebody that his past self would have dinner with later that very day, his gun would jam, or it would be conveniently out of ammunition, or something would happen that would throw off his aim. These bizarre coincidences, seemingly caused by the Standing Ripple's power, ensure that Altair's time travel doesn't cause any damage to the space-time continuum.

When fighting, Altair prefers to attack foes from afar with a pair of six-shot revolvers, which he can reload with remarkable speed. He will frequently abuse Last Train to London to gain the other hand by overwhelming the enemy with sheer numbers, confusing them by being in two places at once, or flanking them with one Altair while distracting them with another. He tends to excel in more cluttered or maze-like battlefields, where he can make full use of cover, while more clear and wide-open venues often limit what he's able to achieve with his Standing Ripple's power.


Prior History




  • Altair is partially based off of Narciso Anasui from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean.
  • Altair's name is based heavily off of Alcyone's.
    • Both Alcyone's name and Altair's are the names of stars in constellations.
    • Alcyone and Altair both begin with the letter "a," too, of course.
  • Last Train to London is named after and inspired by the Electric Light Orchestra song of the same name.
    • The lyrics of the song served as the inspiration for both the Standing Ripple's ability to effectively be in two places at once and Altair's own romanticism (which in turn led to the ability being applied to an AU version of Alcyone).

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