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This article is about the deity. For the Fox Agent leader in Aelai, see Alrarl (Fox Agent). For the leader of the Kresthitan Empire often thought to be Alrarl, see Fox Emperor.

Alrarl is a deity from The Aeo Composition, and the patron deity of Kresthita in the Kresthitan Pantheon.


Alrarl is an aspect of The Enemy, created alongside Ektaz to tether himself to Aeo. He created Kresthita and inhabited it with the Fox Children, who he ruled over. However, Ektaz convinced them to let him split them into Humans and foxes. Angered, Alrarl fought with Ektaz for 100 years until he won and banished his brother from Aeo.

He then created Psionics as an alternative to Magic, to prevent the activation of the artifacts which had been The Enemy's goal in creating himself and Ektaz. Unfortunately, the Psions resisted the merging of the Kresthitan tribes and were wiped out.


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