Ally is Link's best friend in The Legend of Zelda: Sounds of the Shadows. In the game, she resides in Ordon Village for most of the game, but later, she is revealed to be Princess Zelda, and that she needed to get close to Link, as she new he was the Hero of Time Impa told her about, so when Link first moved into the village 7 years prior, Zelda created Ally to aid him in his sword skills and to learn more abot him. She said after learning about him there was no doubt he was the Hero of Time that saved Hyrule over a century earlier. But she also told him that she grew "fond" of him, and thought of him as more than just a simple friend. After that, she can be contacted using Zelda's Charm.


  • She is similar to Saria from Ocarina of Time, both having green hair and clothes, residing in Link's home village, being revealed to be a character of more importance, and being able to be summoned for Link to talk to by a song.
    • She is also similar to Tetra from the Toon Zelda games, both having green hair, being an aliases of Zelda's, and being a possible love interest for Link.
  • It is possible she is the Sounds of the Shadows version of Sheik, as they are both aliases of Zelda.

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