All Hail Bowser is a 3D strategy game relesed on the Nintendo Switch on September 11th, 2020. It is a spin-off of the Super Mario focusing on Bowser and his minions


Deep underground in the Mushroom Kingdom lies the Core of Peace, a mythical gem that keeps all the peace of everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom. Here, thorny vines start spreading across the core until a small pumpkin like creature comes out names Pumpklin. He steals the core and runs off

Meanwhile, in Princess Peach's castle, everything is going well, Peach is monitering everything in the castle, various toads are wandering around, Luigi is polishing Peach's throne, and Mario is sleeping, dreaming about spaghetti. Then, one of Pumpklin's thorny vines start covering inside the castle, then, Pumpklin comes out and scares Luigi off and wakes up Mario, holding the core. MArio goes out to attack him, but is defeated quickly, launching him and Luigi out of the castle, as he snatches up the princess and tosses her out of the castle with the bros. donning her crown and sitting on the throne.

Meanwhile, in Bowser's Castle, Bowser is sitting on his throne, reading a newspaper, when he catches hisss eye on something about Princess Peach being voulnerable. Without reading the rest, Bowser rushes off to tell his kids about the good news. As soon as he gets there, he tells the Koopalings and Bowser Jr. (Now covered in a purple auroa) about what happened. However, Bowser jr. jumps into his Koopa Clown Car and shoots Bowser, stunning him and leaving a crater on the wall, as they all run off with some of Bowser's minions, also covered in a purple auroa.

After Bowser gets his consiousness back, Kamek, along with some minions, comes out and explains to Bowser about what happened.



The gameplay, for the most part, is basically a cross between Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Batle and Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, most notibly the battle system.

Each tem, the Good Guys and the Bad Guys, each have a Team Leader called a captain, the goal of each fight is to defeat the team captain. Alongside the captains are minions, minions are placed down by captains, and is what you use to attack the captain (Although the captain can also attack the other captain and enemy minions.) Eache minion is on a card, and each card has a Coin Price, Coins are earned from either defeating minions and dealing damage, or 1 is given after each turn.

Each battle takes place on a battlefield, each and every battlefield is different in there own ways, weither it be obstacles, special events, or more. 

Team Captains

Name Description/Class/Type Attacks Method to Obtain


Formerly known as "King Koopa," Bowser is a evil turtle/ox hybrid who will do anything to defeat Mario and kidnap Peach to rule the Mushroom Kingdom. Here, he decides to defeat Pumpklin to save the day only to ruin it again.

Bowser is in the Powerhouse class and is the Ground type

  • Big Bad Punch - Bowser charges up a punch before slamming a enemy, dealing high knockback
  • Flaming Frenzy - Bowser takes a deep breath and breathes fire in front of him, giving them Burn
  • Earthquake Stomp - Bowser stomps on the ground, dealing minimal damage to everybody, including his minions, on the ground.
200px-Lemmy Koopa NSMBU-0


Lemmy is one of Bowser's adoptive children, and is the youngest of the Koopalings.He is most known riding a ball, and occasionly throwing them at enemies too. He is one of the minions to get Possessed before joining Bowser.

Lemmy is in the Whacky class and is the Ground type

  • Ball Toss - Lemmy tosses a ball at an enemy, dealing virtually no damage but high knockback
  • Ball Bounce - Lemmy bounces out in front of him, leaving hisb all behind until he gets back to it.
  • Wand Whack - Lemmy slams his wand onto an opponent 3 times, this is the only move to be used when Lemmy is out of his ball
Complete the world Fallen Forest


Roy is the second oldest of the Koopalings, and is iconic for his sunglasses and BPG. He joins Bowser and the gang after being knocked out of his possession

Roy is in the Cannon class and is the Ground type

  • Bullet Bill Blast - Roy fires a bullet Bill out of his cannon, locking onto an opponent. This does relatively high damage and knockback
  • Bullet Jump - Roy sticks his BPG to the ground as he gets launched into the air, able to get to higher places a Captain/Minion would normally get to with the Winged type and also does some damage to some enemy minions near him.
  • Bill Spin - Roy gets into his shell with his BPG sticking out and spins, rapidly firing Bullet Bills in all directions, though the bullets' damage is reduced
Complete the world Landslide Lagoon


Wendy is the middle child of the Kooplings, and is the only girl, standing out for her big bow and rings. Here, she has creating a submarine looking like a Cheep-Cheep.

Wendy is in the Powerhouse blass and is in the Amphibious type

  • Cheep-Chomp - Wendy's Submarine knaws on a opponent in or near the water, dealing damage
  • Ring Toss - Wendy breifly comes out of her Submarine to fire 2 rings at a opponent, dealing damage while having virtually no knockback. This is the only move she can do while out of water
  • Icy Breath - The Submarine breathes an icy breath on the water, giving opponents Chill and making a platform for non-aquatic minions to walk on for a bit before it melts
Complete the world Overflowed Ruins
1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111200px-NSMBU LarryKoopa


Larry is the second middle child of the Koopalings, most known for his spiky blue hair and star-shaped birthmark. Here, he has gave himself wings thanks to his wand, and is overall focosed on projectiles

Larry is in the Cannon class and is in the Winged type

  • Drop-Down Shell - Larry drops down to the ground, if an enemy is under him, they will be damaged and get Rocked
  • Magical Blast - Larry sends a barrage of magical bullts at every enemy in front of him, dealing little knockback but high damage
  • Winged Ram - Larry gets inside his shell and rams into an opponent, dealing little damage but high knockback
Complete the world Mecha Desert


Iggy is the second oldest of the koopalings and is the only one to wear glasses. Here, he takes three Chomplings along with him to maul enemies!

Iggy is in the Whacky class and is in the Ground type

  • Chompling Rush - The Chomplings rush at three arandom opponents, dealing damage and giving some knockback
  • Wicked Backflip - Iggy backflips, if there is an opponent behind him, he breifly damages them with his wand
  • Walk in the Park - The Chomplings rush Iggy to safety if he's in a tight situation
Complete the World Icicle Ick


Name Stats Type


1/1 (Note: Front is attack power, and the back is health) ground


1/1 Winged

Green Koopa


When Attacked: This cannot be attacked for 1 turn


Red Koopa


When Attacked: This cannot be attacked for 1 turn


Piranha Plant

3/2 (Plant)

0/4 (Pipe)

When moved under an enemy: Deal 2 damage



1/1 Amphibious


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