Yeti Mountain

World Type: Rebel Level
Native Species: Yetis
Gems: 400
Eggs: 3
Enemies: Rhinos
Fodder: Rabbits
Appearances: All Fired Up
Level Music: Music

Yeti Mountain is the rebel level in the Spring Lake home world in All Fired Up. You can only play as Hiawatha the Yeti. The level is only accessible if you pay 300 gems to unlock the level. When the player completes the level, Hiawatha becomes available in mini-levels.

Level Description

Yeti Mountain is set atop an icy mountain, as the name suggests. There are ice blocks and giant snowballs blocking your way throughout the level. Your aim is to help Hiawatha the Yeti's brother Alfie get home. The enemies in the level are rhinos and seals.


There are three eggs throughout the level.

  1. Ryan - Received upon moving creates, to make a bridge.
  2. Mia - Found on a cliff
  3. Darragh - Get Alfie home.

Skill Point

  • Hit Alfie in the head with Hiawatha's club three times. Upon doing so, you gain an extra life.
    • Full starEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty Star


  • If the player enters this level via the swimming in the air glitch and completes the level; all the mini-levels where Hiawatha is playable will be unlocked, but the signs will say that Hiawatha is still captured.

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