Morning Plaza

World Type: Normal Level
Native Species: Bears
Gems: 400
Eggs: 6
Enemies: Rhinos
Fodder: Frogs
Appearances: All Fired Up
Level Music: Music

Morning Plaza is a level in the Spring Lake home world in All Fired Up. The level serves as a tutorial level. Hints and tips dotted all over the level. The enemies are rhinos. The smaller enemies don't attack in this level.

Level Description

The level is set inside a small sunny town. There is a small stream running through the town. The level is inhabited by bears, with frogs as fodder. There are two mini-games in the level. One is a Hiawatha mini-level and one is a (field) hockey mini-game.

Hiawatha Challenge

The Hiawatha challenge is completed after reaching a bear at the top of a mountain. Hiawatha would have to kill all of the rhinos on the way to the top.
Full starFull starEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty Star

Hockey Challenges

The first hockey challenge is completed after scoring five goals within two minutes. The second challenge is completed after winning a first-to-five game against a rhino.
1: Full starFull starEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty Star
2: Full starFull starFull starEmpty StarEmpty Star


  1. Ryan - Glide across some building roofs and reach a high ledge.
  2. Katie - On another ledge by a building.
  3. William - Reach the level end.
  4. Abbie - Hiawatha Challenge.
  5. Amy - Hockey Challenge 1.
  6. Oscar - Hockey Challenge 2.

Skill Points

  • Complete Hockey Challenge 1 within one minute, upon doing this you gain an extra life.
    • Full starFull starFull starFull starFull star

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