All Anime Race Driver
Developer(s) Anime & Racing Games Studios.
Platform(s) Switch

PS4 (Including Pro)


Xbox One (Including S and X)

Xbox Series X


Genre(s) Anime


Series Anime Race Driver
Release Date(s) TBA
Mode(s) Singleplayer

Split Screen Multiplayer

Online Multiplayer

Age Rating(s) T

All Anime Race Driver (formerly Anime Super GT, and Anime GT Series) is a anime-racing game made by Anime & Racing Games Studios. This game features cars from the real life Japanese motorsport Super GT and other racing cars. There is also amazing tracks to drive on. Warning! Please do not edit without YutaAsahina's permission.


This game features 2 types of physics and handling. "Gamer" aiming towards casual players  and "Simulation" for more advanced racers. There are multiple modes to choose from. Those modes being Custom race mode, Career mode and Casual and Ranked Online play modes.

​Custom race mode

(Under construction)

​Career mode

This is the main mode of the game. The player will be able to create their own character that they can use in the Career mode, custom races and online races. Players can also progress through the championships by joining with existing teams or starting up their own team. Players start with 50,000 credits. All cars are purchasable at the beginning of the game. Cars can also have custom liveries which can be edited.

Splitscreen mode

(Under construction)

​Casual Online play mode

Players can also enjoy themselves with online lobbies for up to 24 players with casual or competitive racing with friends and other players.

Ranked Online play mode

Official online races for more serious racers with Daily, Weekly and Monthly Ranked races and time trials. Before players can start racing in ranked races. They are to watch a video on sportsmanship and how to be a good racer. Ranked races have a mandatory penalty system that penalizes drivers for showing bad sportsmanship (Example: Cutting corners, intentionally wrecking other drivers, etc.) Players will also have a driver rating and a sportsmanship rating. More races you win in ranked with good sportsmanship, the higher the players rank will be.


(Under construction)

​Character list



The cars in Anime GT Series consist of 8 categories (with subcategories) and over 100 cars to drive from. GT, Touring cars, Open Wheelers, Stock cars, Tuners, Rallycross, Street cars and Invitationals. (Under construction)

​Car list



This game will have around 30 - 50 both real world and fictional tracks to race on. (Under construction)

​Track list


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