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Alexandria Earhart
Alexandria Earhart,
AGE 18
BIRTHPLACE Airheart, Eden
Amelia Earhart (mother)

X-Ray (possible crush?)
Leah Needlenam (enemy)
PalmMan (enemy)

Sakeena Kamel (enemy)
CLASS "Native"
WEAPONS Arrow Shotgun

Alexandria Earhart is a native resident of the country of Airheart residing in Eden. She is a daughter of Amelia Earhart and was introduced in the Fantendo Now episode "Bermuda Bermuda". During the events of "Bermuda Bermuda", she lost her eye thanks to Sakeena shooting off orbs of Sentelenium that hit her eye.


Alexandria is a blond woman with green eyes and wears a hoodie and skirt with a belt that's just a tad too long. She also wears red sneakers and long blue socks. She also now wears a red colored eye patch with an "X" over it.


Alexandria is a fairly serious character who's smarter than she appears, although she still manages to make some dumb mistakes like telling Leah that her arrow was tipped in venom and placing herself so close to the fountain of youth. Despite this, it doesn't seem like she gives up very easily.


Fantendo Now: Bermuda Bermuda

Acts as the main antagonist of the episode. Midway through the episode she kidnaps X-Ray and sets her on a stone tablet. It's not sure what she's ACTUALLY doing, but Leah believes it's some kind of ritualistic sacrifice meant to appeal to her "false" gods. In actuality, it may be something a lot more innocent, as she is seen holding X-Ray's hand while showing her the fountain of youth and discussing it. Moments later, Leah kicks her in and at the end of the episode she is seen as a kid again but says she will figure a way to age herself up.


Leah Needlenam

Seems to hate her for raiding the country of it's artifacts and wildlife. Although she has threatened to kill Leah, she doesn't seem to actually go through with it.


She seems to be on good terms with her unlike the rest of the group that visits. Part of this is suggested by the fact they are holding hands in the fountain of youth room. It is unknown what her feelings toward X-Ray are or if she just considers her different.


Really doesn't like what she did to her eye.