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Alex Ramirez Female
21 years old Human
FULL NAME Alexandra Ramirez Villanueva
BIRTH LOCATION Flag of Guatemala.png Flores, Guatemala
CURRENT LOCATION Flag of the United States.png Los Angeles, California


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Alex Ramirez is a woman from the OtheRTAverse. A woman who emigrated to the US when she was 13, Alex has been determined to make a name for herself as a comedian in Los Angeles ever since moving, and has started properly moving in that direction in the past year or so.

Physical appearance

Alex is a short 21-year-old Latina woman with long black hair and hazel eyes. Alex tends to wear a short black dress and black leather boots. She has a sleeve tattoo on both arms, the left one of which is a tribal tattoo and the one on the right arm is of a Chinese dragon which goes onto her shoulder. Alex also has leather bracelets on both wrists.


Alex does not have any superhuman abilities, but she considers herself to be a good charmer. She tends to have her way incredibly easily when things start going south and as a result, can save herself and friends from certain death. Alex is also fairly talented with computers, being able to hack simple systems but not much beyond that. Alex is also fluent in English and Spanish.


Alex has a knack for humour. She likes to joke about with her friends and plays it loose no matter what the situation is, even if its an incredibly inopportune time to do so. Alex also tends to be very upbeat, which helps her to keep the mood light when things are going bad. She tends to be friendly with most people she meets. Alex can sporadically get rather lustful however, resulting in her causing friction when she starts flirting with other people due to the extreme measures she can tend to go to in order to impress someone she likes. She is also rather childish when she is having some downtime, and her immaturity is also a cause for friction when she's around.


  • Alex's appearance and personality comes from saves of The Sims 3 and 4 made by RTA fan.