Alex Neves
AGE 16

Alex Neves is a Male teenager who resides in Brazil. Alex loves to play many sports such as Soccer, Basketball. Street Hockey, and Racing. Alex usually likes to hang out with his friends and is on a Soccer team as he competes in tournaments with other schools. When Alex hears about the Ultimate World Grand Prix, he decides to join to show off his Racing skills on the track and try to win the Grand Prize.


Alex Neves grew up in a large city in Brazil all his life and was raised by his stay at home mother and athletic father. Alex have learned many of his sports skills such as Soccer, Basketball, Street Hockey, and Racing from his father as he was growing up. Alex is in a Soccer team and has competed many times before. When Alex hears about the Ultimate World Grand Prix, he decides to join to show off his racing skills on the track and win the Grand Prize.


Ultimate World Grand Prix

Alex appears in Ultimate World Grand Prix as a default reacer and has amazing acceleration and drifting, but his speed is decent.

General Information

Personality and Traits

Alex is a pretty good kid as he always tries his best when trying to reach for his goals, and Alex is also athletic as he loves to play sports with his father, sister, or friends. Alex has great speed when it comes to Soccer and has great stamina at other sports.

Physical Appearance

Alex is pretty tall and has brown skin. Alex usually wears a white muscle shirt, brown shorts, and red sneakers. Alex's hair color is also black.


  • It is unknown if Alex's sister is younger or older than him.
  • Alex's father used to be a former Soccer star, but he retired, but he still likes to play Soccer especially with his son.
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