Alex (MainFrame)
Gender Male
Age 16
Personality Quiet, positive
Alignment Hero
Class Engineer
Weapon Gunblade
Username LiquidMetal16

Alex is the third character to join Zelix in MainFrame. This beta tester is found inside the Gang's Hideaway when the team first enters the Industrial Complex. Yulyana tells Zelx, Beth, and Lisa about the terror the robots in the area bring them, and advise that they take caution when they decide to take Alex with them on their journey to shut them down.



Alex has dirty blonde hair, hanging as a scraggy mess all around his head. He has hazel eyes a simple face. He usually wears a worn, white shirt and a grayscale-camo jacket with occasionally splotches of red. His pants are jeans which are tattered and worn. He wears old, gray shoes and no gloves. He is five feet and seven inches tall.

He is extremely quiet, rarely choosing to speak early on. As he warms up to the rest of the team, however, he does begin to talk more openly. He almost always has a positive attitude, but prefers to work alone on his various gizmos and gadgets.



In Combat, Alex uses various pieces of machinery alongside a Gunblade, capable of both slashing and shooting attacks.


In terms of stats, Alex has decent power and agility. The Base Values apply when Alex is level 0 with no equipment, and they increase with every level by a static amount. While only Zelix, Beth, and Lisa can be obtained at level 0, these base stats still exist for other characters. The End Values are what that stat is at level 100 with no equipment.

Stat Base Value End Value
GPU (Health) 4,000 29,000
RAM (Skill Points) 300 2,800
Raw Power 325 1,825
Skill Power 275 1,775
Physical Defense 110 1,110
Mental Defense 110 1,110
Accuracy 95% 100%
Evasion 5% 7%
Limit Charge 3 sec 1 sec


Attack RAM Element Type

Short Range Long Range

Normal Attacks

Blade Slash 0 Weapon's Slash Slash the blade part of the gunblade Run toward the target and swipe horizontally
Gun Shot 0 Weapon's Stab Stab the target before firing the gun part Carefully aim before firing a single bullet

Special Attacks

Slasher Bomb Weapon's Stab Stab the target upward and fire the gun Fire a shot before ram blade into target
Tri-Slash Weapon's Slash Spin the blade around, slashing thrice Run up and slash thrice in quick succession
Rapid Fire Weapon's Stab Slide back while firing five shots Fire three charged shots in succession
Combo Strike Weapon's Bash Perform a series of bashes, slashes, and shots
Boomerang Weapon's Slash Perform a powerful, horizontal slash Reshape gunblade into a boomerang and throw it
Volt Charge Thunder Stab Stab with an electrically charged blade Fire an electrically charged bullet
Circuit Charge Thunder Slash Throw wire between two targets and electrocute Quickly tie wire between two targets and electrocute
Energizer Thunder --- Throw a device onto the target; raises their Limit Charge, but also confuses them
Mecha Slam Metal Bash Slam target with a folded gunblade Run up to target and slam target with hilt of gunblade
Tank Treads Metal Slash Mini-tank over targets which spin treads quickly Mini-tank and run over successive targets
Signal Metal --- Throw a device onto the target; decreases their Evasion and Physical Defense
Heater Fire Bash Attach a piece of metal which later explodes Place a metal box on ground which spews flames
Cooler Ice Stab Attach a piece of metal which later freezes over Place a metal fan on the ground which sends out gusts
Laser Pierce Light Stab Charge the gunblade before releasing a powerful beam of light which pierces the target
Hacker Techno Bash Bring up a console and use it to cut away 15% of the enemy's current GPU and 5% of RAM

Epic Attacks

BEAM Tank N/A Thunder Bash Summon the A-104 BEAM and create a shockwave before firing the massive laser.
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