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Alec, The Hot-Blooded Fighter
AGE 20

Quotation1.png My fists are like flamboyant suns coming to their face!Quotation2.png

Alec Korakakis (Αλεκ Κορακάκης) is one of the main characters of the fighting game, Heirs to the Wrath. He is featured on almost every game packaging and promotional materials.

Alec is a Heirs, meaning that he has the ability to transform himself into a Mythological Deity, but he possesses the rare power to have two forms: Apollo, God of the Sun and Helios, Titan of the Sun both from the Greek Mythology.

While he’s generally very aggressive, impulsive and short-tempered man, he has also heroic tendencies and he does his best to stop injustice wherever he sees it. He usually fight playfully, but can quickly lose his patience.

Alec is a student who was informed one day that his mother died in a mysterious accident during a mission against Evil Gods and their cult, the Eighth Seal. Hard set on finding out the truth, he set off on a journey to seek out his mother’s whereabouts.

In his hostility towards the Eighth Seal, he accepted Zoya's offer to join the Primordial Program.


Before Heirs to the Wrath

Alec was born a Heir, a superhuman with the power to transform himself into Gods, here Apollo, God of the Sun and Helios, Titan of the Sun. As a Heir, he has as responsibility to fight against Ancient Gods that slowly annihilate all humanity with a slow end of the world called The Wilting. Since he was 11 years-old, year of his power become too strong for him, his mother Sophia, with the support of the Primordial Program, helped him to learn and to control this mystical forces while living a normal life.

As he started university, Alec was informed one day that his mother worked, all this time, for a secret intergovernmental organization: The Primordial Program, the same people that Alec used to see as a kid to control his power. Unfortunately, he also learned that she tragically died in a failed mission against Eighth Seal, a cult worshiping the Evil Gods behind the end of the world.

Hard set on finding out the truth, he set off on a journey to seek out his mother’s whereabouts as well as those of Yamatoni, the sole survivor of the accident where his mother lost her life. During this very journey, Alec found out that his mother could have been captured by the Eighth Seal.

Act 1: The Inner God

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During his investigation, he drawn the attention of Zoya, the operational chief of the Primordial Program who offered him to join the organization in exchange of answers and revenge. In his hostility towards the Eighth Seal, he accepted the offer. Zoya was enrolling new Heirs for the Program and Alec definitely was one of the strongest recruit.

Their first mission as a new group was compromised by a betrayal and Alec ended up kidnapped by the Eighth Seal with another Heir, Saeko.

Act 2: A New Myth

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In the Eighth Seal HQ, Alec and Saeko were freed by a monstrous and instable Heir, Darren. Looking for their way out they found the betrayer of their group, Lou.

Lou explained to him that she wanted to see Sophia again and the cult promised her that. Alec understood that during her work for the Primordial Program, her mother get close to Lou as she was the youngest Heir in the organization. Despite his rage against Lou, Alec understood that she was manipulated by the cult.

As they went deeper in the HQ, Alec and Saeko started to get feeling for each other.

Act 3: The Heathens

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Alec, Saeko and Lou found Zoya and the other Primordial Program's members that went to their rescue. Unfortunately, they were trapped by Qingyun, one of the leader of cult, who manipulated Zoya to make her a dangerous weapons.

Alec, Saeko and Lou used their power to save the members from Qingyun and Zoya and to find a shelter far from them. Still in the HQ, they choose to work in two teams: one will free Zoya and the other will fight Qingyun. Alec joined Caleb (an ex-member of the Eighth Seal) to find and defeat Qingyun.

When they found the cult leader, the hardest fight of his life began, as Qingyun revealed herself as one of the strongest living Heirs. He defeated her but she then transformed herself into her second form, Orion. After a mythic fight, Orion is finally defeated.

All the members, a now free Zoya among them, combined their power to get out of the Eighth Seal HQ but once outside they learned that Qingyun, before her death, revealed to the world the terrifying truth about Zoya and now humanity was loosing their trust about Heirs that was, until now, saw as heroes against the end of the world. Alec is concerned but he couldn't show his worry to Saeko who were looking for him to reassure her in this now uncertain times.

We then learned, that because of the fear towards the Heirs, the Primordial Program is now waived by the governements.

Bonus Chapter: Ice Creams Melt in The Sun

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After all these difficult events, Alec and the rest of the former members of the now ended Primordial Program, take a well-deserved break. Like each year, the members are invited by Leïla on her private beach and sauna for one day.

Alec can finally breath and, when the retreat ends, he came back to reality, with optimism and ready to fight.

Power and Ability

Stats Alec.png

Compared to other Heirs, Alec has no particular strength or weakness, he is a balanced fighter. As a Kick-boxer, he uses simple and fast techniques with a large variety of punches, kicks and knee kicks.

Deity Transformation

  • As Apollo: In his Deity form, Apollo, Alec summons the power of the sun, his Deity attacks mostly being punch with an incandescent fist
  • As Helios: In his Alternative from, Helios, Alec keeps the power of the sun but he is, also, equipped of a flame whip which helps him to gain in range.

Wrath Move

In Heirs to the Wrath a Wrath Move is a Heir's strongest attack, which you can only be used in Deity from. It is a type of powerful and brutal attack peculiar to the personality of the characters.

  • THE LAST SUN: Alec charms his opponent with an incandescent stare. He then catches them by the throat and repeatedly smashes the opponent in his face before throwing out a last solar punch.
  • ARTEMIS' DUSK: Only available as Apollo. Alec invokes the Moon goddess Artemis who pierces with a lunar arrow the opponent.
  • CHARIOT OF THE DAWN: Only available as Helios. Alec rides in a chariot driven by two fire horses, charges at his opponent, catches him with his fire whip and flies with the chariot before throwing the opponent on the ground and, finally, tramples him.
  • THE BIRTH OF THE SUN: He can only perform this Wrath Move with the help of Saeko. A gigantic pillar, created by Saeko, falls from the sky. As it's falling, Alec ignites it. The pillar slowly falls toward the ground.

Non-Cannon Appearance

Fantendo's End of Time?!

Alec is one of the agents the player can utilize in the game, and he is a Wild Card class character, meaning that is only available for one Mission after the player enroll him on the market. As in his Cannon Appearance, Alec can transform himself into Appolo or Helios giving him new offensive and defensive abilities. In this game, Alec only takes part in the main storyline at the end, when the players loosing all their agents are given the help of the Wild Card, him and Amy Jackson

Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat (erictom333)

Alec appears as fighter #51 in Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat (erictom333).

Fantendo's Card Cataclysm

Alec appears in Fantendo's Card Cataclysm as a Hero Card.

FCC Alec Card.png
Heirs to the Wrath
Alec is an Heir and member of the Primordial Program who has the ability to transform into one of two Deity forms, these being Apollo, the God of the Sun, and Helio, the Titan of the Sun. While being quite short-tempered and aggressive at times, Alec always strives to be heroic and stop any injustice, including the Cardmaster's latest tricks.
The Last Sun
Alec stares down the opponent after transforming into his Apollo Deity form. While they're distracted, he strikes with a powerful solar punch which deals heavy fire damage on the opponent.



  • You can read on Alec's pants δύναμη (dýnami) meaning Force in Greek.

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