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Aleah Monet Female
123 lbs
22 years old Human
Aleah Monet.png
Aleah Monet, the two-sided darling
FULL NAME Aleah Monet
BIRTHDAY 13th October
OCCUPATION(S) Shopkeeper

Unnamed parents, unnamed older brother


Flynn (friend, crush)
Penelope (friend)
Rylan (friend)


Being nice, romance, video games


Doing the wrong thing



Aleah Monet is a major character in Single-Handed Alchemy. She is a close friend and lover of Flynn Rainridge.


Aleah has fairly long, dark brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a sky-blue jumper with a darker blue zigzag pattern, along with a bluish-purple skirt with a similar pattern, grey tights and purple slip-on shoes. She also wears a blue hairband.


Aleah is sweet, supportive and romantic, always telling people what they want to hear without considering the downsides of lies or exaggerations. She consistently tries her hardest to avoid getting into trouble, and often tries to appeal to friends by giving them small gifts.

Aleah also has a more wild and unconfined side, however, where she lets go of all of her concerns in order to have fun. When she gets excitable she may sometimes offend others, though when she realises her mistake she swiftly switches back to her calmer side.


Aleah lived in Chrysdon as a child, though she moved to Khemidale at the age of ten when her father got a new job. Her life was very standard, and after getting a degree in music at university, she went on to become a shopkeeper. Her intended career path is “a big secret”, and she refuses to mention it, even to her friends.

Shortly after starting secondary school, Aleah met Flynn Rainridge, who had recently befriended her friend Penelope Goldsworthy. She quickly developed a crush on Flynn, and became one of his closest friends. When he was fourteen, Flynn revealed that he was an alchemist, which Aleah thought was “really interesting”, comparing it to something from a fantasy story. Aleah, alongside Flynn's other friends, later helped him to gather alchemy-related books.

When he turned twenty-one, Flynn came across a book he could not understand, and set off on a journey to translate it. During his travels, he received very regular phone calls from Aleah, mostly because she missed him, though at times also to give him news updates.


Flynn Rainridge

Aleah is attracted to Flynn, though Flynn just sees her as a friend. The two have remained close since early secondary school, and during his travels Aleah sends a great many phone calls to him.

Penelope Goldsworthy

Penelope and Aleah are close friends, though they didn't start on the best terms due to Aleah's sensitivity and Penelope's rather critical attitude. Eventually, Aleah came to cope with her mannerisms.

Rylan van Herpen

Aleah is friends with Rylan, though she often comes off as unaware of how manipulative he can be.


Fanart and Other Unrelated Art


  • Aleah is named after Claude Monet, one of the founders of French impressionist painting. All of Flynn's friends are named after artists.
    • The pattern on Aleah's everyday outfit was inspired by one of Monet's paintings, “The Woman in the Green Dress”.
    • However, the colour scheme of her clothes draws resemblance to another one of his paintings, “Woman with a Parasol - Madame Monet and Her Son”.
  • Aleah was originally going to have brown eyes and shorter hair. This was changed because of the creator forgetting to check his notes before drawing the character.
  • Aleah sends notably more phone calls than her friends. Penelope jokingly claims that she has separation anxiety, though Aleah herself admits to getting lonely quickly.
  • Aleah likes reading romantic stories. She often loans her books to Flynn after she has finished reading them, acknowledging his love for books. Flynn rarely reads her books, however, and often has to make up his opinions on them when he returns them to her.
  • Aleah makes dessert every time she serves dinner, either to her own family or to her friends, though the desserts rarely get eaten. As a result, she has to hoard the desserts in the fridge.
  • Aleah likes playing video games, and is evidently rather skilled at them as when playing multiplayer with friends, she generally wins.
    • Rylan says that, on their first time at each other's house, he was “so perplexed” by this that he “lost so badly that [he] might as well have not had a controller”.
  • Aleah is fluent in playing the flute. She hasn't played much music since she left secondary school, however.