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Developer(s) Caleta
Platform(s) DS, 3DS, PS4, Mobile, Switch
Genre(s) Role-playing

Alchepunk is a video game franchise developed and published by Caleta. The series was Asia-exclusive until 2011.


  • Alchepunk Flare (2008) [DS]
  • Alchepunk Flare Ultima (2009) [DS]
  • Alcepunk Stellar (2011) [DS]
  • Alchepunk Corrosion (2013) [3DS]
  • Alchepunk Secret Journey (2014] [3DS, Mobile]
  • Alchepunk Quantum (2016) [PS4]
  • Alchepunk Corrosion X (2017] [PS4, Switch]
  • Alchepunk New Light (2019] [PS4, Switch]


The games are set in a medieval-like world known as Volos. The world is mainly populated by humans although most of them cannot use magic like other races. However, a small amount of individuals are able to learn and use magic.