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GENDER Xerrogoth
SPECIES Xenerth Parasite
AGE 15
BIRTHDAY September 22
WEAPONS Gold staff

Albert is one of White's closest friends and biggest allies in the fight against Dark Matter. He has appeared in every installment in the Adventures of White series and it would be impossible to imagine the series without him!

Albert is actually a variation of a parasite that implants false memories. In the case of Albert, it is believed that he trained alongside White and has been in every single installment of the series as White's best friend, but in actuality it is attempting to spread.


Albert is a peach-colored popopo with a pair of purple sunglasses. He has gold feet and carries around a gold staff.


Being a Xenerth Parasite, Albert can implant false memories into characters, making them believe they were always part of their lives. This can range from being a family member to close friend, but as long it is alive it will continue to spread.


Albert was born and raised in Sky City. When he was 3 years old, Dark Matter invaded Sky City, and kidnapped his parents. He became good friends with White and Blue during this time and has made many more of his friends through fighting in the Sky City Tournies. At age 7, he helped found the pieces of - and formed - the Boom Stick, the weapon White uses more than anything at this point. Later that year, he founded the Dark Matter Resistance, with help from his friends White, Red, Orange, and Yellow.

In actuality, he's a parasite that formed about a month ago.