Alan is one of the main characters of Shy Guy's Land


Alan is a bob-omb buddy who always literally goes into an outburst, he is a member of the Short-fuses club in southernmost United Kingdom, he is the youngest member of this club which brings all bob-ombs of teens and youth, to chat. Which he always tended to bring up the things that upsets the other members alot. Where he nearly got kicked from the club when he made one of the staff to nearly blow up the power generator from upsetting him taking a wrong entry to leave. Alan shows to have alot of social issues giving his attitude. In that sense he is just one who is unintentionally a screw-up.


Alan like most of my O.Cs, is a humanized version of the Mario monsters he is supposed to represent. Alan has a chubby phisique, wearing a pink t-shirt, dark blue denim pants, and shoes identical to Lionel's, he has large round glasses like Fawful's and brown curly hair. He has the iconic fuse in his head, and wind-up key in his back. He always has a pink band-aid on the side of his face.


Alan is a very roughneck like character, him being a bit hot-headed and quick to upset. He always talks back to those who upset him, he never talks about things that other people like, but he doesn't like, if you know what i'm talking about, but he is shown that he is autistic, giving his persona where he nevers backs down to a situation where something dangerous might happen to him.


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