Feel the wind, everyone!
The Akras Starlet, sign-off from news
Akras Starlet
Akras Starlet text logo.
Felice, Siren's Wish
SPECIES Moray eel
AGE 33
BIRTHDAY August 26th
ZODIAC ♍ Virgo
CLASS Idol, singer, writer
OCCUPATION(S) Pop idol in Akrasville
Flowers, poetry, and sunshine
Darkness, loud noises,
WEAPONS Luna Blaster & Octavia Drum
SERIES Splatoon

The Akras Starlet, known by her real name Felice from her celebrity actor Felice Hannah, is an solo idol working in Akrasville. As an one-man idol, she is best known for her own symbolic music; with meaningful 3rd-person lyrics and elements of realism thrown into them.


As an idol from Akrasville, the Akras Starlet is an moray eel; with the following traits/facts of her;

  • Her main color is magenta, with long hair that stands out to the midriff. Same for her eyes.
  • Her singing voice is at "mezzo-soprano" range.
  • She's considered a "siren" because she is best known for entertainment in public places, such as the park and the pagoda gardens she once used to go to when she was a child.
  • She has a magenta angel heart tattoo on her chest.
  • Her two favorite animals are the mute swan and the fawn deer.
  • She prefers to be more quieter than the other idols, due to her own closed-minded music and writing.
  • She is left-handed.
  • Her favorite kind of music are lullabies and realistic blues, because they reflect the nature of realism into her. (She goes for a more realistic style when it comes to her lyrics)
    • As noted, her lyrics have emphasis on topics, such as emotions, ambition, ranging to darker ones such as seduction, and prejudice. Her goals is to emphasis her feelings via music and encourage talking in realism.


As an idol in Akrasville, she has the following roles;

  • Giving out news in Akrasville such as map infos.
  • Splatfest infos (she alongside the other three idols contribute in Splatfests)
  • Performing in Akrasville
  • Talents/poetry/arts

Splatoon appearances


Akras Starlet's Erbluhen album was once seen in an abandoned station as Agent 3 explores in. Other albums, such as an Dolphin Dancers and a Squid Sisters album, can be seen on the audiostation as well. An good-bye letter from her can be read from investigating the ruins of the shipwreck Ordaris, which was the ship Agent 3 and his crew departed on, before getting taken by an mysterious force and then crashing.

Triple Threat

In Splatoon: Triple Threat, she plays the role as the newswoman of Akrasville, broadcasting the maps and update information for Akrasville. During her broadcasts, she gets to read it out in her own language, and concludes the news with her sign-off message "Feel the wind, everyone!"

In the single-player campaign, the Akras Starlet had the abstinence to not bow down to the Black Faith's actions, during the massive invasion of Black Faith taking over the four nations. She helps out Agent 5 in guiding them to a secret Black Faith hideout with an submarie that would ride him to Zamba Isle. In the ending, she plays her new song for the Resistance as thanks for saving their four nations. 


Akras Starlet Felice returns, but she plays a much lesser role in the story, but all of her roles in Akrasville return. As noted, she refuses to admit any information regarding the events of Triple Threat, which furthers the acknowledgement that Splativerse is seperate from the events of Triple Threat, even though some of the characters return.


To view the lyrics for these songs, see here for now.

As an singer/idol, she has a total of three dedicated albums. There are currently 3 albums; Erbluhen, Lotus, and Stars. The first album, Erbluhen depicts Felice wearing only a black and slightly torn dress in a black-brick hallway casting out 3 magic orbs from her hand; representing red anger, blue sadness, and yellow happiness. The second album, Lotus depicts Felice wearing only a mystic-patterned leotard doing a chakra pose with her eyes shut. The third album, Stars depicts Felice wearing only a magenta shirt and tight shorts sitting outside a window with a blue moon in the background with Eris Havens buildings (including a clock tower) in the background. Some songs, like the Splatfest songs and battle songs, are not present in her solo albums. A * means this song is not present in the game or the concerts.

Album 1: Erbluhen (The Spirit of Emotions)
Song Name Atmosphere of the song Length
New Believers Ambition, faithful 4:22
On My Knees Praying, in need of help 3:17
Ciyana, Wake Ye* Lullaby-like, hopeful 3:50
One Choice Making the move 4:17
Songbird Serenade Nature, beautiful 2:55
Fallen Love Depression, emotional 2:33
Kiss* Love, expression 3:24
Echo Rememberance, time 2:55
Sweetness* Nature, scent of the wind 4:44
Glory Holy-like, goddess scent 3:33
Anger* Anger, willing to hurt 3:33
Heart and Soul* Friendship, depression 5:24
Album 2: Lotus (Seek The Heart Within)
Song Name Atmosphere of the song Length
The Ice Castle Cold-hearted, uncaring 3:17
Blossoms* Garden-like, healing scent 2:48
Rain Rain-like, waterfalls 3:22
Open-mind Thinking, confusion 3:33
Arabesque Ballet like, cheerful 3:30
Valhalla* Darkness, lost in sight 4:17
Sugarplum Fairy-like, music box 3:33
Nightmare* Dark dream-like, horror 2:44
Princess Anaconda* Temptation, hazy 3:55
Holy Heart Holy-like, light-hearted 3:22
Album 3: Stars (Look Up to the Moon)
Song Name Atmosphere of the song Length
1: Broken-hearted Blues, relationships 5:01
2: Eyes of Erinys War-like, leader-like 3:55
3: Tethys Sea-like, mermaid-like 4:23
4: Seeking The Light Uplifting, happy 2:55
5: The Princess of Eris Princess-like, fairytale-like 4:23
6: Come In* Dark, solitude 4:55
7: Rainbow River* Sparkling, dashing 2:55
8: Sleeping Beauty* Night-like, mirror-like 6:33
9: Sakura* Oriental, pagoda-like 3:20
10: Gemini* Jewel-ike, Arabian-like 3:30
11: Return* Dream-like, loneliness 3:33
12: Shooting Star Space-like, ambition 3:17


  • The Akras Starlet is the only Splatoon idol to have dedicated albums, while other idols had only a few songs but they were included in the Splatune/Octotune albums.
  • At the age of 33, she's the oldest idol in Splatoon in terms of age.


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