Akira Hino

26 years old, born September 13; Akira Hino, also known as NintenFires, is the leader of the Nintengers. He is set to reappear in Revolution Sentai Nintenchoger as NintenSuper.


Akira Hino grew up in the country, not knowning he was the one ShigeRyu had chosen to "Fight with Fists of Fire". 

In the year 2013, he went to Tokyo, and witnessed Jenzeono's first attack. He, along with Taro Hikari, Tsubame Takara, Hoshino Kiba, and Denki Shou where then teleported into Gamuchu the gaming universe, where they meet Iwata, who is the one that teleported them there. He informs them of their destiny, and gives them their Nintenshins. Before he could question this, he was sent into the battle field against Goombomber. After failing to defeat Goombomber normally, he decided to use his Nintenshin and transformed into NintenFires. He defeated Goombomber with "NintInferno!!!". After defeating Goombomber, he finds out that the Nintenshin has a being known as ShigeRyu in it, and that he is the lord of the "Dragon World".


  • His profile picture, is actually Yuusuke Godai from Kamen Rider Kuuga.
  • He is based on Mario from Super Mario Bros.

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