#817 Akachuggy



Category Baby Bug Pokémon
Original Region Sondar
National Dex Nr. #817
Sondar Dex Nr. #015
Generation VIII
Pokémon Color Brown
First Appearance Pokemon Nature, Pokemon Flare, and Pokemon Aqua
Type(s) Bug
Average Height 1'03"
Average Weight 8.2 lbs.
Evolves From None

[[Category:Pokémon in Sondar]]

Akachuggy is what is considered the main bug Pokemon in the Sondar Region.


Akachuggy is a tiny hexapod. It's body is mostly black and spiky with random yellow splotches. It's got a yellow mouth with two antennae growing out of it.

PokeDex Entries

Pokemon Nature

Akachuggy is a little creature, and loves to live along the forest floor. They eat the leaves that fall off the trees, as they try their best to evolve.

Pokemon Flare

Akachuggy live on the forest floor. They attack imagining how much stronger they could be when they evolve! They are super weak and vulnerable though.

Pokemon Aqua

Akachuggy have spikes on their back, but they're just for show. These Pokemon are extremely vulnerable, but have the potential to be stronger as they evolve.

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