Air Man
Air man.jpg
2D art of Air Man
GENDER Male-Programming
SPECIES Robot Master
AGE 28
CLASS Robot Hero
WEAPONS Air Shooter
Mega Man 2

Air Man (エアーマン Eāman?) is a Robot Master from the Mega Man series created by Dr. Wily specially for combat, debuting in Mega Man 2. Air Man has his face built into his torso instead of a head — an unusual design, said to be intimidating. This would later become known as an Air Man Type design, and would be used as a basis for later Robot Masters such as Needle Man, Napalm Man, Magma Man, Blizzard Man, and Strike Man. Air Man's main method of attack is to generate powerful winds with the propeller in his torso — in particular, he is able to push enemies away or pull them or other items towards him, generate typhoons, and can use his Special Weapon, the Air Shooter, to attack foes with rapid barrages of tornadoes.

Air Man is something of an egotist — whilst generally an individual of good character, he can be condescending and has a tendency to bore his colleagues by talking about himself for long periods of time. In his spare time, Air Man enjoys wind surfing, and is skilled at the Japanese card game Menko. He dislikes the autumn season however, due to falling leaves clogging up his propeller — the same reason he is weak to Wood Man's Leaf Shield.

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