Ainumego is a Amphibio hailing from Agualeira and serves under Kiva Glaive's resistence group against The Doomuli. The character was created by Helena Harper (tbc) as a way to boost up Kiva's own group of characters, as it was unlikely she would be working alone, but also to add a non-fighter support character of which are more of a rarity. The character debuted in the OVA Just Like Old Friends as a major character.

Ainumego is a statist, looking up stats and odds for missions for Kiva's resistance group as well as doing research. He likes to crossdress and due to the Amphibios having no sexual dimorphism, could be mistaken for a woman by those unfamiliar with the species. Ainumego is not a fighter and dislikes fighting in general, wanting to work against the Doomuli in his own way.


Ainumego is a Amphibios, having green skin and red, triangular tattoos across his body. His red back spikes are smaller, which is what generally separates the species from male and female. Ainumego wears glasses, although not because he needs them, but just because he thinks they look good on him. He wears a white dress shirt and a green and orange shirt, as well as a pair of black Amphibios boots that allow him to use his webbed feet without taking off his boots.


Ainumego is a flamboyant character that mostly likes to work on the sidelines, where he thrives on providing information to his superiors and dealing with the more mundane side of war. Unlike his seemingly boring job, Ainumego has a rather fun and somewhat quirky personality, usually multi-tasking with a LEGO set while working or listening to a podcast- and when not working Ainumego is a somewhat goofy character that likes to talk with other people. He has somewhat of a nervousness around humans that runs across his whole species, although he has learned that not all humans are bad. Ainumego is a noted crossdresser and likes to wear women's clothes despite identifying as a man.


Just Like Old Friends

Powers and Abilities

Ainumego has the basic abilities of Amphibios, being able to swim at a very fast rate due to his webbed feet and hands. Ainumego is also notable for being able to work in several work-related programs and notably can work in Microsoft Word, Power Point, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Muse and inDesign, and create quality resumes quickly.


Kiva Glaive

Ainumego works under Kiva Glaive and the two generally are friends, although not particularly close.



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