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Aimlo is the main setting of The Shadows In the Stars, as well as its reboot. It is located deep within the Fantendoverse's Bermuda Triangle.

Originally ruled by King Raxun, the kingdom of Aimlo is home to people who have isolated themselves from the rest of the world in order to "revive medieval values and escape from the tyranny of modern society". Raxun's daughter, Princess Kalatia, was destined to inherit the throne, but her younger sibling, Prince Dominic, didn't trust her to rule the land and tried to get her as far away as possible. Fortunately, Kalatia returned to the castle, fought and arrested Dominic, and took her rightful position as the queen of Aimlo.

Although other regions of the Bermuda Triangle have been encountered by heroes from the outside world, Aimlo has yet to be explored.

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